Bowler Highlight!

MWBA has Hall of Fame Awards for fantastic performance and service. We thought we would take time out to highlight bowlers who may not qualify for those accolades, but still have a real passion for our sport. On behalf of the Madison Women’s Bowling Association, we salute Kimberly Moucha!

Kimberly MouchaName  Kimberly Moucha

Quick Bio   Hailing from a small dairy farm in Cadott WI, I came to Madison in the summer of 1988 to attend the UW and like most folks, never left.  I work for Catalent Pharma Solutions on the west side of Madison as a Senior Systems Analyst which is just a fancy term for IT geek.  I married Robert DeBroux in October of 2009 and live on the west side of Madison with our dog Zoey.  I was fortunate to fill in with my 130 average for an injured member of the Girls with Balls team a few years back. Watching those gals bowl inspired me to ‘get better’ so I started taking bowling lessons from Rick Baker this past summer. With his help, guidance and encouragement to buy a new ball (I was using a ball I got in a Have a  I ball league),  my average is up to a 151 on Wednesday nights.  My average is lower on Fridays but the beer may have something to do with that. 😀

Joined MWBA   I’m not exactly sure however I think it was somewhere in the early 2000s.  I bowled in a “UW Extension” bowling league at Union South on campus for many, many years until the league folded.  After taking a year off, I joined the Schwoegler’s Town Gypsies on Thursday nights where I met a lot of great folks and realized I really enjoyed bowling.

Bowl in how many leagues?   Currently I bowl in three leagues, all at Schwoegler’s:  the Wednesday night Happy Hour Rollers, the Friday night Jesters, and most recently, my Friday night teammates managed to talk me into the Tuesday Trios summer league.

Participate at State Level?   Yes.  I have bowled with Girls with Balls for the last three years (Fond du Lac, Appleton and Wausau) and have had a blast!

Participate at the National Level?   Yes, last year was my first year out at Vegas with my good friend Melissa Carlson, Char Clementi, and Peg Carlson as well as 36 other great ladies from the Madison area. This year we headed south to Baton Rouge the first week of May to participate again.

Favorite bowling moment?   The night that Melissa Carlson and I both bowled so well that we both made the paper the next day. For me, that was the first time making the paper and seeing my name and Melissa’s side-by-side was a moment of pride.

Greatest bowling accomplishment   Winning the 155 and under Woman’s City Tourney this year! The night that I got five strikes in a row was also pretty amazing.

Other sports/hobbies/interests   I have played co-ed softball for as long as I can remember. As I get older, it has gotten harder and harder on the body so a couple years ago, I picked up a set of golf clubs, took a few lessons, and now hit the greens with the hubby and friends. Let me tell you, the golf swing really messes up the softball swing! I also enjoy riding ATVs, deer hunting and playing card games including cribbage, euchre, dirty clubs and schmeir. I take great pride volunteering for World Dairy Expo, the American Red Cross (99 donations so far) and being a Class A volunteer for Wisconsin Special Olympics each year. Assisting the athletes in the regional bowling competitions brings me great pride, joy and tears of happiness.

What got me interested/started in bowling?  My gym/phy ed class junior year of high school consisted of three week modules (archery, badminton, track, bowling, etc). We would walk from the high school to the other end of town (Cadott, WI) to the Rustic Lanes and learned how to hand score, pick a ball, approach the lanes and throw the ball without falling into the lane. I remember my gym teacher telling me that I was a natural but I had no clue what that meant; I’m still not sure what that means. 🙂 The best part of that three week module was stopping at the Cadott bakery on the way to/from and picking up a delicious long john or bear claw!