Women’s Championships – Weekend One

A bit delayed on this report with some prep work for Women’s State that starts this weekend, and another snow day…

Entries in the Women’s Championships are up for our second season as a merged association, with 18 teams competing this year, and 30 sets of minors. Last year, there were 14 teams and 27 minors. We’ve been receiving some feedback on the tournament, which is nice and very much appreciated. A survey of bowlers who participated this year will be conducted, and the tournament committee will consider suggestions and survey results for future years. We are committed to growing this tournament.

The stars of the weekend in the Women’s Championships were Becky James and Sonya Tourdot. James, bowling with the Victorious Secret team, shot 780 scratch – which included a 300 game. James’ doubles and singles events are this coming weekend, and she’ll seek to unseat Megan Jirsa from the scratch All Events title lead. Jirsa posted 2054 which included a pair of 700 series’ – a 717 in Doubles and a 715 in Team.

Scores have been high across the average spectrum for the tournament. Tourdot rolled all nine of her tournament games this weekend and was an astonishing 304 pins over average. 133 of those pins came in Singles where she leads Division 2.

The top handicap team is Friday Bowlers, at +214. Jirsa’s 715 led the team. Kayla Klink shot 696, Kate Verdecchia had 605, and Becky Murphy added 589.

Jirsa’s other 700 (717) came in Doubles where she and Kate Verdecchia (572) posted the high scratch doubles score so far, a 1289.

In Division 1 Doubles, Melissa Carlson and Jeanne Schrenk paired up to bowl 152 pins over average. Carlson lead the effort with a 621 series – 102 pins over, and Schrenk rolled a +50 569 set.

Sonya Tourdot and Ann White are sitting at +160 for Division 2 Doubles. Tourdot shot 440, 104 over average, and White had a 485 to go +56.

Despite falling one pin short of a 224 triplicate, Kim Zimmerman still shot the highest series so far in Singles (a 671 if you don’t feel like mathing). She also leads Division one at +101.