The 2019-20 Senior Open Championships has concluded. Unofficial final results are posted.

Riviera Bowl will host the 2019-20 Madison Area USBC Senior Open Championships.

This tournament is open to all Madison Area USBC members 50 years of age and older.

Download a 2019-20 Senior Open Entry Form

The 100% handicapped tournament features Four Person Team and Minors (doubles and singles) events, and runs weekends October 19 – November 17. Squads are 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day.

Last season, there were 54 teams and 84 sets of minors, paying out nearly $7,000.00 in prize money.

Team and Minor events are available on each squad.

Team Divisions

Team Division One for averages of 820 and higher is handicapped 100% to 920.
Team Division Two for averages of 819 and lower, is handicapped 100% to 820.

Minor Events Divisions

There are five divisions for the All Events and Singles events, all handicapped 100% to 230:

Division 1: Ages 50-54
Division 2: Ages 55-59
Division 3: Ages 60-64
Division 4: Ages 65-69
Division 5: Ages 70+

There are two handicapped Doubles divisions.

Doubles Division One for averages of 410 and higher is handicapped 100% to 230.
Doubles Division Two for averages of 409 and lower is handicapped 100% to 460.

Entry fee is $18.00 per bowler, per event. Optional All Events is $5.00.

Scratch options will be available for Singles, Doubles, Team and All Events. Entry is $5.00 per event.

All Division champions, and Scratch Titlists earn an invitation to the Annual Dinner with the champions held in October of each year.

Tournament sponsors this year include Phoenix Pro Shop and Bowl-A-Vard Lanes.