Jeff Richgels
Jeff Richgels

Richgels Wins Tough Senior Masters

Jeff Richgels denied two-time defending Senior Masters champion Rick Erce a third consecutive title with a 208-197 win to cap off a very difficult tournament.

The event was intended to be contested on the Kegel Broadway lane pattern, a 37 foot pattern that is described as “wide open”. The pattern was selected primarily to combat the tendency of the host center lanes to not hook much.

Instead, the pattern offered little to no hook outside, forcing bowlers to move in. Swinging the ball resulted on hang – not allowing players to get the ball back to the pocket. And, at only 37 feet, playing inside was nearly impossible. Most competitors were “in jail” all afternoon and at the end of it all, only four mustered a positive score.

Prize List

1.Richgels, Jeff$346.00
2.Erce, Rick$225.00
3.McDowell, Marc$185.00
4.Kimpel, Herb$160.00
5.Shaw, David$140.00
6.Longfield, Brian$90.00
7.Chlebowski, Dale$90.00
8.Myers, Gail$85.00

Stepladder Finals

Match 1:
Match 2:
Match 3:


1.Erce, Rick2441472062332462431319
2.Richgels, Jeff1752341981901902271214
3.Kimpel, Herb2021792142162231691203
4.McDowell, Marc1812211892332021761202
5.Shaw, David2231991811802341661183
6.Longfield, Brian2082012011921961791177
7.Chlebowski, Dale2121721741701941931115
8.Myers, Gail1881862111831581871113
9.Dunn, Terry2361452121721681711104
10.Stauffacher, Greg1931751951811791581081
11.Lockman, Dan1811702071651921641079
12.Sirianni, Joe1701802541501651571076
13.Massey, Dave1611921641491902121068
14.Seppa, Dan2021711591831551961066
15.Thompson, Kevin1661691901651931751058
16.LaCoursiere, Scott1771781971431442141053
17.Prein, Jeff1711591601552001951040
18.Truehl, Rollie1481531811471862131028
19.Kreitzman, Bill1501981511931881371017
19.Blanchar, Ron1891781712071511211017
21.Richardson, Bob162181156207147130983
22.Scialabba, Tony164174142168178136962
23.Holzbauer, Bob171144122190160157944