Dan Seppa
Dan Seppa

Seppa Dominates 2011-12 Senior Masters

Dan Seppa led wire to wire at the third annual Madison USBC Bowling Association Senior Masters on Saturday, October 19 at Spartan Bowl in McFarland, and capped it off with a 201-160 victory over Herb Kimpel in the title match.

This year, 40 of our associations top bowlers 50 and older competed for a record prize fund of $2,155.00 – including $1,450.00 from tournament sponsors.

Seppa led qualifying by 112 pins over the next qualifier, with games of 234, 225, 222, 245, 250, and 224 – on a day when 200 was very good and not very common.

The 2011 event was conducted on USBC Blue Pattern #3, the highest volume and shortest of the Blue patterns.



Prize List


1.Seppa, Dan$490.00
2.Lockman, Dan$280.00
3.Kimpel, Herb$225.00
4.Erce, Rick$195.00
5.Chlebowski, Dale$170.00
6.Richardson, Bob$120.00
7.LaCoursiere, Scott$115.00
8.Grossman, Dennis$110.00
9.Holznagel, Dwain$100.00
10.Smith, Ted$95.00
11.Shaw, Dave$90.00
12.Sullivan, Tim$85.00
13.Smith, Ken$80.00


Match 1: #3 Kimpel def. #4 Erce 245 – 194
Match 2: #3 Kimpel def. #2 Lockman 220 – 169
Match 3: #1 Seppa def. #3 Kimpel 201 – 160


1.Seppa, Dan2342252222452502241400
2.Lockman, Dan2432141812111952441288
3.Kimpel, Herb2121832482102251921270
4.Erce, Rick1982172231792022031222
5.Chlebowski, Dale2012081612002192251214
6.Richardson, Bob1752371722252002001209
7.LaCoursiere, Scott1931811542112652041208
8.Grossman, Dennis1871802402012111871206
9.Holznagel, Dwain1682222411961781891194
10.Smith, Ted1932541981771701841176
11.Shaw, Dave2221592222141991581174
12.Sullivan, Tim1952181821861831991163
13.Smith, Ken1772101832061802001156
14.Parizo, Jesse1561652681711862041150
15.Ecker, Bob1292011662252122151148
16.Longfield, Brian1681811891932121991142
17.Truehl, Rollie2022162021701891551134
18.Starks, Scott1691891921981921901130
19.Fosdick, Jim1771851802012061781127
20.Murphy, Jerry2101822121651661671102
21.Hjortland, John1781651851912371451101
22.Holzbauer, Bob1851881702022061471098
22.Wipperfurth, Jim2001621721871722051098
24.Yettaw, Jerry1562311752011691641096
25.Recknagel, Mark1602012031951501851094
26.Whitcomb, Jon1981341881702241791093
27.Rasmussen, Dave1892351731781681461089
28.Eaton, Dave2111751671921561831084
29.Bryan, Bruce1841671531801852121081
30.Lyons, David1632421711671391921074
31.Frye, Bud1661452022131901551071
31.Habich, Mark1801771532022261331071
33.Foster, Ken2401801361921691521069
34.Gallagher, Twoie1881452461651491721065
35.Roggeman, Greg1671571921681891851058
36.Zimmerman, Mitch1481951461861921811048
37.Stauffacher, Greg1741512011761651781045
38.Kreitzman, Bill1551781691471821951026
39.Erickson, Dave1491611851641591911009
40.Schwartz, Tom126148205168154189990