Bob Holzbauer
Bob Holzbauer

Holzbauer Captures 2010 MBA Senior Masters

Bob Holzbauer prevailed over Dave Shaw in the final stepladder match of the 2010 MBA Senior Masters tournament on Sunday, November 7. The contest was held on the tough USBC Blue #1 condition and required quality shot-making all day.

This year’s tournament attracted 42 competitors – up from a dismal 19 the previous year, all of whom were on hand again. The minimum age was lowered to 50, from 55, but only 10 of the 42 entrants were under 55. The lowered entry fee of $40.00, combined with the generous $1250 in sponsors and a 1:3 payout ratio was a significant factor in the increased participation.

The cut to cash for the tournament was +4. All bowlers who were plus cashed.
Tim Sullivan and Bob Holzbauer opened the day as front-runners with 259 and 257 respectively, followed by Bill Burns (238) and Dan Lockman (219). The early cut to cash was +1. Scott Starks was dead last with a 143, John Hjortland next to last with 144, and Dale Chlebowski 39th with a 157. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t mention something like that – but all three ultimately cashed and one made the stepladder. Never let your mind go home when your body is still bowling.

After two games, 1-2 was still Holzbauer and Sullivan at 500 and 495. These two guys were on a different planet compared to the field. Burns held the third position with 439 and Gary Frye moved up to fourth at 428. The cut to cash dropped to -3.

With the first series completed, Holzbauer and Sullivan maintained the top two spots with 748 and 728. Kenny Smith rolled a 256 to go +70 and Jesse Parizo shot 280 for 657 and fourth. The cut to cash dropped again to -18.

More of the same in the top two after four games; Holzbauer 1006 and Sullivan 942. Dave Shaw makes his appearance in third at 888 following 2-3-4 games of 234, 249, and 235. Smith dropped to fourth at +73. Bill Kreitzman shot a 275 to move into fifth at +54. Parizo stayed in range despite a 195 game at +52, and Gary Strand vaulted to seventh after a pair of 240’s. The cut to cash bumped up to -7

The fifth game was the most dramatic of the day. Holzbauer kept the lead at +175 and virtually secured a spot in the stepladder, but the 169 fifth game brought him within range of the red-hot Shaw who fired a 266 to go +154. Smith moved up to third at +106 with a 233. Sullivan fell from second to fourth after a disasterous game 5 and found himself in the sights of a handful of bowlers.

Kreitzman shot a Watertown 199 to hold onto fifth at +53. Jim Fosdick was in sixth at +48, following a 234 and John Hjortland (at one time -83) had games of 266 and 249 to get to seventh at +45. Dave Erickson shot 266 to go to +15 after five. Parizo, defending champion Scott LaCoursiere, Burns, and Dan Seppa rounded out the bowlers on the plus side of 200/game. The cut to cash was -8.

Holzbauer and Shaw swapped places after game six. Shaw shot 213 to Holzbauer’s 182. Smith held third with a 191. Hjortland passed Sullivan to secure the last stepladder position with a 224 game, to Sully’s 192. Parizo made a game effort at the last with a 247, missing the cut by five. LaCoursiere, with his 514 the final two, came up short just six pins. Dale Chlebowski shot a 298 game six – the sole honor count of the day – to move up from 28th to 10th. The cut to cash ended up +4.

The opening stepladder match was held on lanes 9 and 10. Kenny Smith started the contest with a strike. Hjortland calmly followed with a double. Smith opened the second frame, failing to convert the 3-10 split, following the open with a spare in the third. Hjortland struck and spared in his third and fourth to take an early lead. Smith responded with a double. Hjortland then split and struck. Smith struck again, but blew the 7 pin in the seventh frame. Hjortland could not slam the door, posting spares in the seventh and eighth. Smith avoided trouble in the eighth when his shot ran high, but left a makeable spare and struck in the foundation frame. Hjortland looked for the close and struck in the ninth, but spared the 10th and filled 10. Smith needed a double for the win and executed for a 210-202 victory.

In the second match, on lanes 7 and 8, Bob Holzbauer led off converting a 3-6-10 spare. Smith spared in his first and threw the first strike of the match in the second. It looked like it would be a shootout when both contestants struck through the fourth. But, Smith’s striking ended in frames five through seven – and Holbauer’s didn’t. Holzbauer controlled the match, ending it with a 257-204 win.

In the title match, Shaw opened the match on lane five with a 3-6-7-10 split, converting three for an open first frame. Holzbauer put up a double in his first two frames, and Shaw responded in kind.

Holzbauer converted a four pin in his third frame and struck in the fourth. Shaw smashed the pocket in his fourth and fifth frames, but a ringing 10 pin in the fourth cost him the four-bagger. Holzbauer then doubled the fifth and sixth.

Shaw struck in the sixth, when a two pin fell forward, but could not put the pressure on after a ringing 10 pin in his seventh.

Holzbauer opened the seventh with a missed 10 pin and failed to strike in the eighth, converting a 6-10. Shaw responded with a strike in the eighth, but could not double in the ninth which would have given him the opportunity to at worst tie the match. Instead, Shaw could only max a 216 – but had to wait on Holzbauer to bowl his final two frames. Holzbauer spared the ninth, meaning he had to double in the 10th and keep the final ball on the lane. He did.

Congratulations to Holzbauer for the win, and to all the cashers. Kudos to all who put on their shoes and took the challenge – we hope to see you again next year.

Thanks to all the sponsors of this event and our Senior City Tournament – your support helped make this event a great one.

Prize List

1.Holzbauer, Bob$516.00
2.Shaw, David$261.00
3.Smith, Kenny$185.00
4.Hjortland, John$174.00
5.Sullivan, Tim$153.00
6.Parizo, Jesse$142.00
7.LaCoursiere, Scott$131.00
8.Erickson, Dave$120.00
9.Kreitzman, Bill$109.00
10.Chlebowski, Dale$98.00
11.Fosdick, Jim$87.00
12.Walker, Terry$77.00
13.Starks, Scott$66.00
14.Burns, Bill$55.00


Match 1: #3 Smith def. #4 Hjortland 210 – 202
Match 2: #2 Holzbauer def. #3 Smith 257 – 204
Match 3: #2 Holzbauer def. #3 Shaw 224 – 189


1.Shaw, David1702342492352662131367
2.Holzbauer, Bob2572432482581691821357
3.Smith, Kenny2022122562032331911297
4.Hjortland, John1441732132662492241269
5.Sullivan, Tim2592362332141301921264
6.Parizo, Jesse1801972801951652471264
7.LaCoursiere, Scott1931831791912692481263
8.Erickson, Dave2141701832022662141249
9.Kreitzman, Bill1891842062751991821235
10.Chlebowski, Dale1572251672041802981231
11.Fosdick, Jim1902072271902341821230
12.Walker, Terry1892122211761942201212
13.Starks, Scott1431872422182062151211
14.Burns, Bill2382011702061951941204
15.Massey, Dave1942141622062022221200
16.Seppa, Dan2011691882372111891195
17.Rasmussen, Dave2021771752262012111192
18.Schulz, Randy1761812222181682151180
19.Strand, Gary1661772462471471931176
20.Lockman, Dan2191662022012031791170
21.Sirianni, Joe1771922341731812091166
22.Ecker, Bob1741742132112151741161
23.Longfield, Brian2151881881931871901161
24.Gallagher, Twoie1921712081942011881154
25.Grossen, Don1771752091791672451152
26.Mlsna, Gene2002091721741991821136
27.Frye, Gary2022261521771722041133
28.Recknagel, Mark1751811861971981881125
29.Schwarz, Ron1742461602131691591121
30.Bryan, Bruce1961802191791631791116
31.Truehl, Rollie1771581531962341681086
32.Poole, Todd2031961571821661791083
33.Hermosillo, Cerry2032131661841551571078
34.Whitcomb, Jon1591811981851561771056
35.Soehnlein, Jim1632051361641771871032
36.Huntley, George1791801591881681461020
37.Eveland, Bob1592031651761611561020
38.Habich, Mark183192165144158156998
39.Sundby, Al145164152157215162995
40.Baker, Rick206154157131177168993
41.Cuccia, John170128169152196172987
42.Witt, Bob207157162129160118933