Scott LaCoursiere
Scott LaCoursiere

Inaugural MBA Senior Masters in the Books

Not to be outdone by the 10th frame drama of the inaugural MBA “Regular” Masters, the first Senior Masters provided plenty of its own.

The tournament drew only 19 competitors but that took nothing away from the competition. The event was contested on a challenging condition, the Kegel Middle Road pattern. This pattern kept typical runaway league scoring in check, and provided a fair condition.

The first round cut for the top five bowlers was +55 and ended with a tie for the fifth spot. A 9th and 10th frame roll-off was conducted between Mark Recknagel and Dave Shaw. Recknagel began the roll-off with a spare, Shaw followed with a strike. In the tenth, Recknagel filled the first two strikes, then a nine count for a 49 – forcing Shaw to double in his 10th to advance. Shaw threw three strikes and won the roll-off 60-49.

The top five advancing to the second segment of the tournament were:
Gene Mlsna +130
Dave Rasmussen +117
Scott LaCoursiere +99
Bob Holzbauer +90
Dave Shaw +55

In the second segment of the tournament, two additional games were bowled with first round qualifying pins carrying over. Shaw quickly moved back into the hunt with a fifth game 259. After six games, LaCoursiere had moved into the one seed with a pair of 230’s. Shaw added his own 230 to become the second seed. Mlsna, Rasmussen, and Holzbauer struggled with 180’s in game six – Holzbauer’s costing him a seed in the stepladder finals. After six games:
Scott LaCoursiere +170
Dave Shaw +150
Gene Mlsna +127
Dave Rasmussen +117
Bob Holzbauer +90 $50.00

The first stepladder match was relatively uneventful. Rasmussen never really got back on track and Mlsna cruised to a 212-182 win. Rasmussen earned $83.00 for fourth place.

Mlsna then advanced to the second match to face the red-hot Shaw. The match was very close with Mlsna holding a small lead through eight frames. In the ninth, though, he chopped the six pin off a 6-10 spare conversion attempt – opening the door for Shaw. Mlsna did force Shaw to mark in the tenth, which he did – but only after a late rolling messenger cleared the 10 pin out of a 7-10 split. The match ended 207-200 and Mlsna won $111.00.

The title match also came down to the tenth frame even though LaCoursiere had struck in seven of the first eight frames. Shaw had all but given up hope with two frames to go. Following a spare in the ninth frame, LaCoursiere left the 10th frame open with a 4-10 split. Shooting for a posted 235, Shaw had to have the first two strikes in the tenth for the win. His first two shots were near mirror images, but the second left a ringing 10 pin. Shaw finished with 227, second place, and $139.00. LaCoursiere wins the Senior Masters, the nice trophy and $222.00.
Congratulations Scott LaCoursiere – 2009-10 MBA Senior Masters champion.

Thanks to Ten Pin Alley for their assistance with the tournament and lane conditioning. A big thanks to Bob Holzbauer for his relentless promotion of this first Senior Masters. The MBA looks forward to continuing this top level competition and hopes to see more faces at the event in the future.

Prize List

1.Scott LaCoursiere$222.00
2.Dave Shaw$139.00
3.Gene Mlsna$110.00
4.Dave Rasmussen$83.00
5.Bob Holzbauer$50.00

Stepladder Finals

Match 1: #3 Mlsna def. #4 Rasmussen 212 – 182
Match 2: #2 Shaw def. #3 Mlsna 207 – 200
Match 3: #1 LaCoursiere def. #2 Shaw 235 – 227

Qualifying Round 2

 BowlerRound 156Round 2Total
1.Scott LaCoursiere8992372344711370
2.Dave Shaw8552592364951350
3.Gene Mlsna9302131843971327
4.Dave Rasmussen9142231804031317
5.Bob Holzbauer8822271814081290

Qualifying Round 1

1.Gene Mlsna228246242214930
2.Dave Rasmussen235211213255914
3.Scott LaCoursiere215205236243899
4.Bob Holzbauer161259216246882
5.Dave Shaw214181213247855
6.Mark Recknagel182238245190855
7.Jim Fosdick227206220201854
8.Terry Walker205197244204850
9.Don Grossen160244217223844
10.Bill Kreitzman176225203190794
11.Tim Sullivan224224173157778
12.Bud Frye155206186223770
13.Mark Henry177190179214760
14.Dan Seppa158181189215743
15.Bob Ruhland193180170193736
16.Bob Eveland200184182169735
17.Rollie Truehl202167190173732
18.Mark Habich214189157157717
19.Scott Starks164171180168683