The MBA Senior Masters is the top scratch singles tournament exclusively for members of the Madison USBC Bowling Association aged 50 and older. The tournament will be contested on non-house conditions. The tournament will be held annually following the conclusion of the Senior Association Championship (Senior City) tournament, typically in mid-November.

The champion will win the MBA Senior Masters City Title and earn passes to the annual Hall of Fame and Bowler Recognition Dinner and the annual Dinner with the Champions.


This is a USBC certified tournament, open to all current certified members of the USBC and the Madison USBC Bowling Association who are aged 50 or older.

Current Format

Participants bowl six games of qualifying across 12 lanes.
The top eight will roll off in a bracketed final.
Tie for cut will be broken by 9th / 10th frame roll off.
High tournament game will break ties for seed positions.
All prize money returned 100%.
Entries close at posted squad time.