Lindsey Conklin

Conklin Takes 2nd Annual Queens

The second annual Madison Area USBC Queens was held on January 5, 2019, at Schwoegler E.C. – host of the Madison Area Open Championships. This year, 21 bowlers competed.

A couple of format changes included qualifying for the Queens and Masters was done all together, and the finals were changed from a five person stepladder to an eight player bracket. Additionally, the tournament was held ahead of the Madison Area USBC Open Championships and on the tournament condition.

The format changes improved the flow of the tournament, now that all qualifying and finals bowling could be conducted simultaneously with neither tournament outpacing the other. The finals change also allowed more bowlers to vie for the title.

All told, 83 bowlers showed up to compete; 62 Masters and 21 Queens – both improvements over 2018.

Lindsey Conklin earned the Queens championship from the sixth seed over fourth seed qualifier Karla Meinholz 229 (37) – 223 (47). Conklin earned $297, two tickets to the Madison Area Hall of Fame Dinner, one ticket to the Dinner with the Champions, and the crystal trophy.

The cut to make the top eight bracket finals was +122, which is just a couple pins over average when adjusted for handicap. Only the top eight finalists were over average for this event – great bowling on the testy Kegel Gateway Arch lane pattern..


Scores shown are without handicap. Handicap is 100% of 220. (Y)Youth Bowler

1.Pollentier, Brittany212244279255246268150401504
2.Andruss, Devan25416218919222019012072101417
3.Sammel, Lauren2272132322232572241376301406
4.Meinholz, Karla21316615821017016310802821362
5.Kilgore, Linda18118116419216020410822761358
6.Conklin, Lindsey18016221319119319611352221357
7.(Y) Dempski, Allison2552441862001972161298361334
8.Smith, Christine2132242032032151921250721322
9.Erdman, Amanda18112520414719223010792341313
10.James, Becky197181248205259213130361309
11.Hyatt, Bonnie1401612041461391919813001281
12.Pounders, Danielle18517217021020815711021741276
13.Reithmeyer, Lindsey20815015417318315510232521275
13.Aslakson, Karine1601711721901391439753001275
15.(Y) Yelk, Hannah17021320318421118911701021272
16.Thomas, Mary Beth22420217714220917411281381266
17.Ryan, Janice1871691491791261729822821264
18.Augart, Abby17918120114716723311081441252
19.Taylor, Teri16618418517218319410841381222
20.Carlson, Peg1581541771651571179282701198
21.Klink, Kayla1711991792171691481083841167

Bracket Finals

Prize List

Conklin, Lindsey$287.00
Meinholz, Karla$194.00
Pollentier, Brittany$129.00
Dempski, Allison$129.00 SMART
Andruss, Devan$86.00
Sammel, Lauren$86.00
Kilgore, Linda$86.00
Smith, Christine$86.00