Amanda Erdman

Erdman Wins Queens

The inaugural Madison Area USBC Queens was held on February 3, 2018, at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes – host of the Madison Area Open Championships. This year, 16 bowlers competed.

Amanda Erdman won the event after defeating fifth qualifier Melissa Carlson in the title match 246 (45) – 228 (49). Erdman earned $336.00, two tickets to the Madison Area Hall of Fame Dinner, one ticket to the Dinner with the Champions, and the crystal trophy.

The cut to make the stepladder finals (top 5) on the Bowl-A-Vard house pattern was +215 – or +95 when adjusted for handicap. Ten of the 16 competitors finished over average.


Scores shown are with handicap (##). Handicap is 100% of 220.

Erdman fired a 243 scratch game out of the gates to post 288(45). Carlson was second at 248(49), Kim Zimmerman in third with 247(17), Gayle Seltzner fourth with 241(24), and Nicole Russell fifth with 238(27).

Erdman held first with a 229(45) to go +117. Mary Beth Thomas (36) moved up to second at +80 after game two following a 261. Carlson dropped to third, +79, though still bowling over average with 231. Kristy Werronen (21) moved up to fourth, +76, with 250, and Zimmermen to fifth,+69 with 205+17=222. Nicole Russell was tied for fifth following a 204+27=231

With Erdman continuing to hold the top spot, adding 228(45), at +145, Carlson jumped back up to second with a 251(49) to get to +130. Seltzner was third at +112 after a 247(24), Russell fourth at +109 on a 240(27), and Chlebowski in fifth at +106 following the high game of the tournament so far, 244 scratch for 269(25).

After four games, it was still Erdman in first at +185 on her 240(45) game. Russell moved up to second, +166, following a 257(27). Chlebowski moved to third, +155, with a 249(25). Carlson stayed in the hunt at +145 with a 215(49) and Danie Pounders made an appearance in the top five at +134 after a 235(41).

Erdman shot 257(45) to maintain the lead at +242 after five games. Chlebowski edged up to second at +217 following a 262(25). Pounders moved up to third at +212 with a 278(41). Thomas reappeared in the top five, taking the fourth spot at +189 with a 274(36). Russel was fifth at +184, with a 218(27).

After six, the stepladder field was set. Erdman remained hot shooting 269(45) in the last game and leading the field with +311. Seltzner bombed the high scratch game of the tournament (255), 279(24) to get to +253. Chlebowski landed third at +234 with a 217(25). Thomas held her fourth spot,+230, with a 241(36), and Carlson rounded out the top five at +215 following a 262(49) finale.

It was Carlson who made the most noise in the finals, winning the first three stepladder matches before being dispatched by Erdman in the final. Carlson won $190.00 for second, Seltzner $135.00 for third, Chlebowski $110.00 for fourth, and Thomas $65.00 for fifth.

Congratulations to all the cashers, and thank you for bowling in the event. It was a fantastic tournament, despite the low turn out.

Recognition to Gayle Selztner for the high scratch total for the tournament, a 1309 set – averaging just over 218 on the day. Ashley Chlebowski (1284), Amanda Erdman (1241), Kim Zimmerman (1225), Mary Beth Thomas (1214), Chris Smith (1211), and Nicole Russell (1203) all averaged over 200 for the tournament.


2017-18 Queens Qualifying

1Erdman, Amanda24318418319521222412412701511
2Seltzner, Gayle21720022318023425513091441453
3Chlebowski, Ashley20518224422423719212841501434
4Thomas, Mary Beth18322518018323820512142161430
5Carlson, Melissa19918220216615921311212941415
6Pounders, Danie18216822619423715311602461406
7Schrenk, Jeanne16819217819016318610773001377
8Russell, Nicole21120421323019115412031621365
9Smith, Christine19722520218221319212111261337
10Zimmerman, Kim23020515621021321112251021327
11Oldenburg, Emily18117919022320218011551381293
12Anderson, Doris19715519820918216311041861290
13Aslakson, Karine1132141851531721499863001286
14Werronen, Kristy20522918116120317011491261275
15Kilgore, Linda19214420318511816010022521254
16Conklin, Lindsey1881671811381451529712401211

Stepladder Finals

Match 1: #5 Carlson 157+49=206 def. #4 Thomas 141+36=177

Match 2: #5 Carlson 196+49=245 def. #3 Chlebowski 182+25=207

Match 3: #5 Carlson 164+49=213 def. #2 Seltzner 144+24=168

Match 4: #1 Erdman 201+45=246 def. #5 Carlson 179+49=228

Prize List

2017-18 Queens Prize List

1Erdman, Amanda$336.00
2Carlson, Melissa$190.00
3Seltzner, Gayle$135.00
4Chlebowski, Ashley$110.00
5Thomas, Mary Beth$65.00