This year the Association Championship tournament ball sponsor is Motiv.  All bowlers who earn a new ball will be able to pick them up at Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop in Sun Prairie.

One ball for every 30 teams entered will be given away in the “Captain’s Only” drawing, and all squad organizers of eight or more teams will automatically earn a new ball.




2016-17 Ball Winners

Squad Leaders

1. Terry Teasdale – 12 teams

Captain’s Drawing

1. Dennis Breunig – Tim’s Trucking
2. John Lehan – Steven’s Construction
3. Trevor Habich – Rosati’s Pizza

Shift Winners

Shift 1
Don Grossen
Shift 2
Jeff Sweeney
Marci Conner
Shift 3
Rob Penfield

Shift 4
Andrew Mihal
Shift 5
Brian Hollis
Rory Rose
Sam Manderino
Doug Chapman
Peter Atkinson
Shift 6
Teri Taylor
Ralph Werner
Tom Gleason

Shift 7
Kyle Wolfe
Steven W Mulcahy
Shift 8
Chris Reigel
John Johnson
Jim Moore Jr.
Shift 9
Pete Natvig
Brian Caulum
John Manderino
Drake Burden

Shift 10
Mary Lo
Shift 11
Austin Powers
Doug Leikness
Tony Cenite
Shift 12
Todd Gille
Steve Perry
Chad Novy

Shift 13
Theresa Holmes
Joe Koshollek
Rick Munz
John Bisco
Don Larsen
Dan Keppy
Shift 14
Mark Schoenleber
Gary Ulrich
Shift 15
Bob Ruhland
Jeff Prein
Don Grossen

Shift 16
Jason Miller
Arick Ecker
Ray Keichinger
Tim Herbrand (3)