This year the Association Championship tournament ball sponsor is Motiv.  All bowlers who earn a new ball will be able to pick them up at Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop in Sun Prairie.

One ball for every 30 teams entered will be given away in the “Captain’s Only” drawing, and all squad organizers of eight or more teams will automatically earn a new ball.




2015-16 Ball Winners

Squad Leaders

1. Terry Teasdale – 12 teams

Captain’s Drawing

Ryan Anderson
Mike Lynch
John Richardson

Shift Winners

Bryan Addison
Mark Allen
Chad Baker
Jeff Balch (2)
Bill Burdick
Bill Burns (2)
Ricky Burright
Shannon Dins
Bob Eveland
Tim Gille
Mark Henry
Tim Herbrand (4)
Erich Huelsemann
George Huntley
Jerod Kieler
Phil Leighton (2)
John Mandarino
Dave Massey
Mike McDaniel
Jack Mortensen
Chad Novy
Chris Nye
Rob Penfield
Chris Pounders (2)
Mark Schwoegler
Randy Springen
Lesa Stalheim
Craig Stone
Tony Thaden
Matt Townsend
Larry Van Natta
Andy Winn
Kyle Wolfe