This year the Association Championship tournament ball sponsor is Motiv.  All bowlers who earn a new ball will be able to pick them up at Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop in Sun Prairie.

Bowling balls will be given away on most shifts of the tournament.

**ADDED BONUS**  This year, anyone shooting a 300 game or 800 series using a Motiv ball  in the city tournament will also earn a free ball, compliments of Motiv and Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop.

One ball for every 30 teams entered will be given away in the “Captain’s Only” drawing, and all squad organizers of eight or more teams will automatically earn a new ball.

2013-14 Ball Winners

Squad Leaders

1. Terry Teasdale – 10 teams

Honor Scores

1. Jerod Kieler, 300 game, Motiv Venom Toxin

Shift Winners

1. Tim Derse

3. Z. Charles Reithmeyer, Bruce Way, Mel Schroeder

5. Kevin Marszalek, Del Thompson, Tony Pena

6. Matt Maly

7. Kurt Zuege

8. Paul Thony

9. Bob Richardson, Jay Millin, Lois Wiltrout

10. Howard Loret, John Newman

11. George Dorn, Herb Yanke, Tim Herbrand, Greg Barnick, Cory Baker

12. Zac Amundson, Chad Novy, Michael Hundt, Jon O’Konek

13. Tim Herbrand, Doug Breunig, Todd Walmer

14. Darin Johnson

Captain’s Drawing

1.  Matt Wynhoff – Motiv Ball

2. Brian Hrabovsky – Motiv Ball

3. Richard Post – Motiv Ball

4. Gary Kasbaum – XL Motiv Jersey

5. Broc Bussan – XL Motiv Jersey

6. Tim Rice – 2XL Motiv Tee

7. Rick Baker – M Motiv Jersey