Ebonite ChallengeThe Ebonite Challenge is the ball to win in the 2012-13 city tournament. All bowlers who earn a new ball will be able to pick them up at Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop in Sun Prairie.

Bowling balls will be given away on most shifts of the tournament.

One ball for every 30 teams entered will be given away in the “Captain’s Only” drawing, and all squad organizers of eight or more teams will automatically earn a new ball.

2012-13 Ball Winners

Squad Leaders

1. Terry Teasdale – 10 teams

Shift Winners

1. Gail Myers, Tom Turk

2. Sue Hepler, Brent Ritchie

3. Brian Longfield

4. Tom Michel, Brian Wilk, Bob Karis

5. Alex Shekey, Dennis Johnson

6. Randy Johnson, Darryl Dougherty

7. Darin Johnson, Brad Leahy

8. Scott Bockhop, Erich Hueselmann, Denise Shellin

9. Chris Loret, Paul Pickar

10. Dick Lappen, Danny Seppa, Randy Breunig

11. Jim Everson

12. Xee Lee, Tony Pena

13. Mike Lynch, Bob Krembs

14. Jerry Murphy, Bob Frambs

Captain’s Drawing

1. Kevin Freymiller – Ebonite Challenge

2. Don Washington – Ebonite Challenge

3. Dave Eaton – Ebonite Challenge

4. Brian Wilk – Columbia Double Tote

5. Del Thompson – Columbia Double Tote