Derek Eoff

Eoff Wins Fourth Masters

The ninth annual Masters and was held February 5, 2017 at City Tournament host center Prairie Lanes. This year, 41 bowlers competed – up eight from 33 a year ago.

Derek Eoff defended his tournament title with a 212-170 win over Matt Ruhland in the championship match. Eoff earned $421.00, two tickets to the MBA Hall of Fame Dinner and Bowler Recognition ceremony in August, one ticket to the Dinner with the Champions in October, and another crystal Eagle Trophy.

The cut to make the stepladder finals (top 5) on the WTBA Paris pattern was +110, and the cut to cash was +71. One honor scores was bowled on the day, Eoff started with 280, 298, and 227 for 805.

All near misses occurred within the first three games, including Brent Ritchie with 280 in game two and 279 in game three. Austin Powers shot 279 in his first game, Hall of Famer Dan Seppa had a 277 second game, and Matt Krueger 276 in game three.


The field averaged 199.63 in the first game of qualifying on the pattern, with +10 as the last cash number and +31 the fifth stepladder spot. Eoff led with his 280, followed by Powers (279), MBA All Events Titlist Cody Roedner (256), Matt Ruhland (247), and Hall of Famer Jeff Barsness (231).

Eoff (578) extended his lead over second from one pin to 88 pins with a 298 second game. Seppa’s 277 got him to 490. Ritchie had 280 (467). Powers was fourth at 463, and Roedner fifth at 461. The cut to cash was +26. The field averaged 204.85 in the second game, and 23 bowlers were plus.

After three, Eoff (805) held first. Ritchie’s 279 gave him 746. Seppa fell to third at 709. Krueger moved into fourth with his 276 (703). There was a tie for fifth at 692 between Ruhland and Ken Duffield. The cut to cash jumped to +45 as the field averaged nearly 203 the third game. Overall, 18 bowlers were plus.

Through four games the the scoring pace remained consistent as the field averaged just over 202. 22 bowlers moved to plus. Eoff led at 1014. Ruhland shot 268 to move back up to second at 960. Brent Ritchie was third at 931, Duffield fourth at 920, and Powers returned to the top five at 913. The cut to cash at this point was +54.

Game five marked the beginning of a scoring decline, as the field mustered just over 197. The top five were Eoff (1231), Ruhland (1161), Ritchie (1133), Krueger (1121) and Mark Mansur / Cody Ramsden (1109). The cash cut barely moved to +55. 22 bowlers were plus.

Although the cut to cash jumped to +71, the sixth game was the lowest scoring at 193.61. Eoff earned the top seed, leading wire to wire, with 1437. Ruhland held on to second with 1372 and Ritchie third with 1325. Ramsden moved up a spot to fourth with 1314 and Jay Heinzelman rounded out the stepladder field at 1310. 22 bowlers were even or better at the conclusion of qualifying.

Overall, the tournament field averaged 200.07.


1.Eoff, Derek2802982272092172061437
2.Ruhland, Matt2472082372682012111372
3.Ritchie, Brent1872802791852021921325
4.Ramsden, Cody2282182242272122051314
5.Heinzelman, Jay2251911752672252271310
6.Duffield, Ken1872462592281792061305
7.Roedner, Cody2562052162032232011304
8.Powers, Austin2791842122381852041302
9.Krueger, Matt1912362762032151711292
10.Mansur, Mark2212042202062581821291
11.Gibbons, Chris1742352222371742471289
12.Prein, Jeff1761822342252252371279
13.Jackson, Chris1892671932241932091275
14.Hamilton, Rob1932121912671942141271
15.Pollentier, Chris2242262002042031991256
16.Seppa, Dan2132772191462001851240
17.Richardson, Bob2042302341741502461238
18.Johnson, Joe2102052151792032211233
19.Chlebowski, Dale1891861682202532101226
20.Dennis, Bill2132062021802211901212
21.Swenson, Dan1792271921912062141209
22.Barsness, Jeff2311441942241902171200
23.Pursell, Matt2001922171821922071190
24.Hoffman, Brian1982222381871771651187
25.Stabenaw, Mike1702052002242161701185
26.Lockman, Dan2141782042141941801184
27.Kuehmichel, Chad1771731802282212011180
28.Erce, Rick2202122071661821881175
29.Thomas, Jacob1812451591932021671147
30.Krueger, Jeremy2031931861971791821140
31.Truehl, Rollie1721652032231681891120
32.Taliaferro, Shaun2042011851771911611119
33.Kimpel, Herb1661792022031921741116
34.Newkirk, Mark1891521832001831921099
35.Burr, Phil1791371632012181671065
36.Yelk, Pete1661851621541881951050
37.Mulcahy, Steven1922031691561641501034
37.Gibney, Casey1831651621511891841034
39.Johnson, Darin1711831462181611431022
39.Longfield, Brian1571901871501491891022
41.Jirsa, Megan147152180157191170997

Stepladder Finals

Match 1: #4 Ramsden def. #5 Heinzelman 210-205

Match 2: #3 Ritchie def. #4 Ramsden 216-200

Match 3: #2 Ruhland def. #3 Ritchie 202-196

Match 4: #1 Eoff def. #2 Ruhland 212-170

Prize List

1.Eoff, Derek$421.00
2.Ruhland, Matt$260.00
3.Ritchie, Brent$200.00
4.Ramsden, Cody$170.00
5.Heinzelman, Jay$150.00
6.Duffield, Ken$105.00
7.Roedner, Cody$100.00
8.Powers, Austin$95.00
9.Krueger, Matt$90.00
10.Mansur, Mark$85.00
11.Gibbons, Chris$80.00
12.Prein, Jeff$75.00
13.Jackson, Chris$70.00
14.Hamilton, Rob$65.00