Cody Ramsden
Cody Ramsden

Ramsden Wins Masters Youth Movement

A pair of 20 year olds slugged it out for the fourth annual MBA Masters title while a score of bowlers twice their age watched the new generation at work. Cody Ramsden topped 44 competitors, including high qualifier Tony Thaden, steamrolling through four stepladder matches to win the fourth annual MBA Masters, held on February 4, 2012. The tournament was hosted by Prairie Lanes, site of the 2011-12 Association Championship tournament. Ramsden is easily the youngest MBA Masters champion and surely one of the youngest to hold an MBA tournament title of any kind.

The scoring pace on the USBC Blue 3 pattern was, as expected, similar to last year with a little better than half the field able to muster 200 per game overall. After the first game, Dakota Wiltrout led the field with a great 258 start followed by Hall of Famer Jeff Richgels at 245, Tony Thaden 241, Cody Ramsden 237 and Hall of Famer Jeff Barsness at 218. The cut to cash was plus 10.

After two, Thaden took the lead at +100. Ramsden fired a 244 to move into second. Rick Thomas had the high game two with 265 and moved into third. Mike Hoffman shot 245 to shoot up to fourth place and Jon Schalow slid into fifth at +35. The cash line at remained at +10.

Rick Thomas followed his game two with a 244 to take the lead after three at +123, followed by Thaden at +104. Jon Schalow jumps into third (+97) with a 262 game, the highest of game three. Ramsden falls to fourth at +93 following a 219 and Richgels climbs back in to the top five at +69. The cash line more than doubled to +23.

Thaden regained the lead ,which he would never relinquish, at +162 following a 258 game four. Schalow moves up to second at +153 on the strength of a 256. Thomas falls to third at +137. Ramsden holds the fourth spot at +118 and Richgels is still in fifth at +113. The cut to cash was +39. Game four was the highest scoring for the field.

Thaden posted another huge game five, 257, to go to +219, followed by Schalow at +182 and Thomas at +174. Richgels moves up a spot with a 245 to +158. Bryan Bannach cracks the top five at +142. The cut to cash held at +39.

In final game, Thaden wrapped up top seed with a 225, for +244. Richgels blasts a 255 to leapfrog into the second seed at +213. Schalow drops one position with a 226 at +208. A big 256 finish for Hoffman puts him at +198 and fourth. An even bigger 289 finale for Ramsden lands him as the fifth and final stepladder seed at +196. Bannach (+191) cannot hold on despite a 245 last game, and Thomas fell to seventh (+184) following a 210. Defending champion Chris Gibbons ended up eighth at +114. The final cash spot was 2009-10 Masters champion Kevin Thompson at +32.

Congratulations to tournament champion Cody Ramsden for the victory. Ramsden won $504 and earns passes the to Hall of Fame and Bowler Recognition Dinner and the Dinner with the Champions.

Prize List

1.Cody Ramsden$504.00
2.Tony Thaden$305.00
3.Jeff Richgels$240.00
4.Jon Schalow$210.00
5.Mike Hoffman$190.00
6.Bryan Bannach$130.00
7.Rick Thomas$125.00
8.Chris Gibbons$120.00
9.Ted Smith$110.00
10.Herb Kimpel$105.00
11.Tom Smyth$100.00
12.Tim Fosdick$95.00
13.Jay Heinzelman$85.00
14.Mark Mansur$80.00
15.Kevin Thompson$75.00

Stepladder Finals

Match 1: #5 Ramsden def. #4 Hoffman 235 – 199
Match 2: #5 Ramsden def. #3 Schalow 202 – 160
Match 3: #5 Ramsden def. #5 Richgels 256 – 256 / 48 – 29
Match 4: #5 Ramsden def. #1 Thaden 246 – 224


1.Tony Thaden2412592042582572251444
2.Jeff Richgels2451892352442452551413
3.Jon Schalow2132222622562292261408
4.Mike Hoffman2012451932472562561398
5.Cody Ramsden2372442122251892891396
6.Bryan Bannach1681992562782452451391
7.Rick Thomas2152652442132372101384
8.Chris Gibbons2141932272372412021314
9.Ted Smith1942062142682251921299
10.Herb Kimpel1931812432392141901260
11.Tom Smyth1972271812442211771247
12.Tim Fosdick1792481842241862251246
13.Jay Heinzelman1951962561802381751240
14.Mark Mansur2121921652262471941236
15.Kevin Thompson2121922352362111461232
16.Matt Ruhland1712042261902032351229
17.Jacob Thomas2021812012871531991223
18.Dakota Wiltrout2581702161931542311222
19.Jim Fosdick2102101951802232031221
20.Bob Richardson1811802042352152041219
21.Heath Haug2141881902322151711210
22.Mark Newkirk2112052122351581871208
23.Chad Kuehmichel2102041902351841831206
24.Kevin Bailey2002102451791452251204
25.Chris Pollentier1801791952002571891200
26.Scott Erickson2021691682362122101197
27.Jeff Barsness2182141951632371661193
28.Lauren Sammel1771982051912032051179
29.Brian Longfield1722132151942131711178
30.Dan Swenson1932371961701792021177
31.Chris Loret1891731961912461781173
32.Pete Yelk2091882172101661741164
33.Tom Howery1722241962032121481155
34.Dan Seppa1671701762261962121147
35.Randy Wason1871691921842101981140
36.Chris Jackson1702021702241731931132
37.Dan Marks2131671821552351641116
38.Rollie Truehl1981661912141851611115
39.Darin Johnson1632111791762041701103
40.Matt Midlikowski1961671612061891781097
41.Tony Cenite2001831891561791591066
42.Jeff Sweeney1691481501521941911004
43.Bill Dennis176202185201179WD943
44.Shawn Gherke130179156151141176933