Chris Gibbons
Chris Gibbons

Gibbons Denies Thompson’s Title Defense

The third annual MBA Masters, held on February 5, 2011, attracted a record field of 51 bowlers. The event entry fee was decreased to $40, from $55, and the payout ratio was increased to 1:3 from 1:4. Thanks to the hard work of MBA Hall of Famer, Director, and Promotions Committee Chair Bob Holzbauer, the prize fund for the event was the highest ever – in excess of $3500.

The Phoenix Pro Shop Dell laptop sales generated $1290, our other tournament sponsors added another $1500.

The tournament was contested on USBC Blue Pattern #3 on the synthetic overlay lanes at Schwoegler Entertainment Center. Entrants bowled six games of qualifying. The top five scorers were seeded into a stepladder final, and the top 17 were paid on the spot – with 17th place receiving $80 – double the entry fee.

The condition started out very playable and it started to look like it would be a shootout when the first cut was posted. Mike Hoffman led with a 278. There was a four way tie for fourth at +46 and a cut to cash mark of +19. Still, less than half (24) the field was able to generate a game of 200 or higher.

The scores tempered slightly after two games though 26 bowlers moved to the plus column; fifth place was +74 and 17th was +29. Chris Pounders took control with a 279 follow-up to a 258 start.

After the third game, more bowlers seemed to become comfortable with the shot and the onset of the transition. 31 competitors were now plus, the cut to stepladder was +111 and the cut to cash +52. Jay Heinzelman led with 754.

Four games in, and defending champion Kevin Thompson led with 987 on the strength of three 260+ scores in games 1, 3, and 4. Fifth place was +128 and another five bowlers were within 20 of that mark. The cut to cash fell to +43 and 30 bowlers were even or better.

Through five games, Thompson continued to dominate with yet another 260+ game. Fifth place was now +155 and the cut to cash swelled to +63. 33 bowlers were now plus.

Thompson ran away from the field with a fifth 260+ in game six. Eric Pederson edged Rick Thomas by a pin to take the fifth stepladder spot at +206, and Chris Jackson claimed the last to cash envelope at +49.

By the end of qualifying, 29 bowlers were even or better and three more were within a pin or two. The Blue 3 condition on the surface at Schowegler’s was worlds different than Blue 1 on the old wood at Bowling Green last year – yet six of the top eight bowler names were the same both years – a testament to the skill of our areas top performers.

Congratulations to tournament champion Chris Gibbons for the victory. Gibbons won $716 and earns passes the to Hall of Fame and Bowler Recognition Dinner and the Dinner with the Champions.

Prize List

1.Chris Gibbons$716.00
2.Kevin Thompson$430.00
3.Eric Pederson$330.00
4.Marc McDowell$285.00
5.Jeff Richgels$260.00
6.Rick Thomas$180.00
7.Chris Pounders$170.00
8.Gail Myers$160.00
9.Mike Hoffman$150.00
10.Gregg Williams$145.00
11.Steve Bulanda$135.00
12.Scott Erickson$125.00
13.Dan Swenson$115.00
14.Jay Heinzelman$105.00
15.Bob Richardson$100.00
16.Mark Newkirk$90.00
17.Chris Jackson$80.00

Stepladder Finals

Match 1: #5 Pederson def. #4 Richgels 245 – 191
Match 2: #5 Pederson def. #3 McDowell 255 – 248
Match 3: #2 Gibbons def. #5 Pederson 299- 181
Match 4: #2 Gibbons def. #1 Thompson 236 – 206


 Bowler1234 56Total
1.Kevin Thompson2671882642682662641517
2.Chris Gibbons2192002462552352791434
3.Marc McDowell1702372792262362781426
4.Jeff Richgels2462062592322242541421
5.Eric Pederson2142682072462472241406
6.Rick Thomas2462592132332581961405
7.Chris Pounders2582791841871902361334
8.Gail Myers2231941902292352581329
9.Mike Hoffman2781962302042022111321
10.Gregg Williams1722051912792452271319
11.Steve Bulanda2312362362122161841315
12.Scott Erickson2382352251882132141313
13.Dan Swenson1882232421942272371311
14.Jay Heinzelman2462302781742231591310
15.Bob Richardson1882582082272351571273
16.Mark Newkirk1682272092012232221250
17.Chris Jackson2331812211841822481249
18.Jeff Sweeney2071971752642201841247
19.Jim Fosdick1972322212341891731246
20.Chris Pollentier1412152381942212241233
21.Joey Kick2332221881682122031226
22.Dan Lockman2382341971802031731225
23.Chris Loret1932542431401712171218
24.Ted Smith1751881722072272461215
25.Bill Dennis2021701572302671861212
26.Jeff Taylor1811661932362122211209
27.Dan Marks2031932112152261601208
28.Dustin Meisel2361592172172011721202
29.Jeff Barsness2141711871892471921200
29.Bryan Bannach2181622411652142001200
31.Tim Gille1982241902021812041199
32.Mike Pounders1982442101631961871198
32.Joe Sirianni2202092051711971961198
34.Greg Stauffacher1802112011712022191184
35.Chad Kuehmichel1692031932162341681183
36.Bob Holzbauer1552232561522031931182
36.Dan Seppa1822471921781951881182
38.Jeremy Krueger1621931932122421791181
39.Tony Cenite2352391791661861571162
40.Bob Eveland1591482032132331961152
40.Tom Schwartz2051832241981302121152
42.Matt Hamen1641582272081822061145
43.Kyle Sullivan2461812001731751681143
44.Shawn Mitchell1631711931872232021139
45.Jeremy Vale1801951912081891611124
46.Tim Fosdick1442092012161881591117
47.Rollie Truehl1801812091661881911115
48.Jestin Becker1691681502052461761114
49.Darin Johnson1741811722111881801106
50.Ray Percoski1891721802021542031100
51.Lauren Sammel1841631831901791521051