Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson

Thompson Wins HOF Battle Over McDowell

A pair of MBA Hall of Fame members provided a very dramatic title match in the 2nd annual MBA Masters tournament at Bowling Green. 2009 inductee Kevin Thompson outlasted tournament leader and 2008 inductee Marc McDowell 236-222. The match was dead even after the first four frames; both bowlers putting up the first four strikes. It remained even through five when both bowlers lost the pocket but converted seven count spares. The close match continued with both players putting up doubles late – Thompson’s going into the 10th frame. In the end, Thompson needed nine on his first ball for the win. We almost witnessed a repeat of last year’s title match when Ken Duffield slammed a 4-9 split in the 10th frame to fall to Bob Richardson. It was not to be the same fate for Thompson, though, as his 4-9 ‘almost’ was broken up when the nine fell late.

Thompson won $400.00 for first place, the crystal MBA Masters Eagle, passes to the annual MBA Hall of Fame Dinner and the annual MBA Dinner With the Champions. McDowell earned $250.00 as runner-up.

The first round of qualifying required a score of 1012 to advance to round two. The second round of two games did not affect the top four positions for stepladder, although Gail Myers and Rick Thomas swapped positions at third and fourth. Jeff Richgels climbed from ninth to fifth on the strength of a 258 final game.

Myers defeated Thomas in the first round 257-215. Thomas won $150.00. Myers was then dispatched by Thompson 236-210; Myers won $200.00

The tournament attracted 37 bowlers, down from 46 last year. The event was contested on a USBC Blue Pattern, programmed by MBA tournament sponsor Schemm Bowling Inc. The condition was pretty rough for most – particularly lane five which appeared to have had an oiling malfunction.

Prize List

1.Kevin Thompson$400.00
2.Marc McDowell$250.00
3.Gail Myers$200.00
4.Rick Thomas$150.00
5.Jeff Richgels$75.00
6.Bob Holzbauer$70.00
7.Chris Gibbons$65.00
8.Dan Swenson$60.00
9.Jim Fosdick$55.00

Stepladder Finals

Match 1: #4 Myers def. #3 Thomas 257 – 215
Match 2: #3 Thompson def. #2 Myers 236 – 210
Match 3: #2 Thompson def. #1 McDowell 236 – 222

Qualifying Round 2

 BowlerCarryover67Round TotalGrand Total
1.Marc McDowell11462092474561602
2.Kevin Thompson10982452184631561
3.Rick Thomas10862342144481534
4.Gail Myers10951952354301525
5.Jeff Richgels10121942584521464
6.Bob Holzbauer10721791773561428
7.Chris Gibbons10252311563871412
8.Dan Swenson10351931833761411
9.Jim Fosdick10161751693441360

Qualifying Round 1

1.Marc McDowell2662162262212171146
2.Kevin Thompson2392312432241611098
3.Gail Myers2471961782592151095
4.Rick Thomas2262252411961981086
5.Bob Holzbauer2042412191982101072
6.Dan Swenson2301911782252111035
7.Chris Gibbons1941882311962161025
8.Jim Fosdick2181671702062551016
9.Jeff Richgels1782022032042251012
10.Ken Duffield1591802262252211011
11.Scott Erickson2242022011901851002
12.AJ Schultz162246206174209997
13.Jeff Sweeney147203233155254992
14.Dave Shaw204186207215166978
15.Bob Richardson182215212208151968
16.Shawn Mitchell204173174224177952
17.Jeff Prein141234185167224951
18.Dan Seppa174145226201197943
19.Scott Kramer152207188173222942
20.Dan Marks149190215191195940
21.Brian Longfield170188167171243939
22.Eric Pederson174173180211189927
23.Chris Pounders180129178249190926
23.Matt Midlikowski180190190188178926
25.Brian Hoffman164186211186172919
26.Mike Hoffman188163209189167916
27.Bill Dennis218162195189147911
28.Dustin Meisel154181188190177890
29.Lauren Sammel155237163175156886
30.John Gradel186147187157180857
31.Mark Newkirk161189184169151854
32.Chad Kuehmichel172158160161195846
33.Brittany Pollentier178222133152160845
34.Tim Fosdick166179168179145837
35.Chris Pollentier174116185160173808
36.Sean Knurek160126176147189798
37.Ray Percoski157179128192134790