Bob Richardson
Bob Richardson

Richardson Wins Inaugural MBA Masters

The first Madison USBC Bowling Association Masters Tournament was conducted January 11 at Rude’s Lanes – host of the team event of the 2009 MBA Association Championship Tournament.

There was a good turnout of 46 bowlers for this first event. The competitors bowled four games of qualifying on a condition that turned out to be much easier than planned.

After four games, the top 11 scores advanced to a second round. It took +136 to advance – a 234 average. The top 11 bowled two more games to jockey for cash positions, and seeds in the stepladder finals. The high scoring pace continued, fourth place was +244 – a 244 average.

Richardson, the third high qualifier, bowled against Rick Thomas in the first match. Richardson defeated Thomas 265-247.

In the second match, Richardson met Rob Bailey. Bailey’s day was highlighted by three honor scores (the only three in the tournament) – 2 300 games and a 299. Undaunted, Richardson continued his high scoring day with a 237-189 victory.

Advancing to the title match, Richardson was slated to bowl tournament leader Ken Duffield. Duffield led the event through all of qualifying, ending up a +318 after six games – nearly a 253 average.

The title match was comparatively low scoring. Richardson began the match with a 3-10 split conversion, a double and a 9 spare. Duffield opened with strike, spare, strike, spare. Then, disaster struck for Richardson who left back to back big splits. Duffield could not get a run going to close out the match and posted a spare in the ninth frame. After Richardson ran the last four strikes for a 200 game, Duffield needed only a mark for the title. In the only shot that ran high for him over the entire day, a 4-9 split was the result of his effort. Duffield could not convert the split and ended up with 195.

For the win, Richardson took home $372.00 plus the Masters Eagle trophy. Richardson also earns passes to the annual MBA Hall of Fame and Bowler Recognition Dinner and the annual Dinner With the Champions.

Prize List

1.Richardson, Bob$372.00
2.Duffield, Ken$232.50
3.Bailey, Rob$186.00
4.Thomas, Rick$139.50
5.Gibbons, Chris$80.00
6.Holzbauer, Bob$75.00
7.Ruhland, Matt$70.00
8.Dennis, Bill$65.00
9.Barsness, Jeff$60.00
10.Dudley, Don$55.00
11.Sweeney, Jeff$50.00

Stepladder Finals

Match 1: #3 Richardson def. #4 Thomas 265 – 247

Match 2: #3 Richardson def. #2 Bailey 237 – 189

Match 3: #3 Richardson def. #1 Duffield 200 – 195

Qualifying Round 2

 BowlerCarryover56Round TotalGrand Total
1.Duffield, Ken10152562475031518
2.Bailey, Rob10101903004901500
3.Richardson, Bob9662652465111477
4.Thomas, Rick10052552054601465
5.Gibbons, Chris9722352334681440
6.Holzbauer, Bob9872252104351422
7.Ruhland, Matt9362451884331369
8.Dennis, Bill9502122014131363
9.Barsness, Jeff9622381593971359
10.Dudley, Don10121691753441356
11.Sweeney, Jeff9472042034071354

Qualifying Round 1

1.Duffield, Ken2642642482391015
2.Dudley, Don2472572602481012
3.Bailey, Rob2992072043001010
4.Thomas, Rick2582802102571005
5.Holzbauer, Bob246257226258987
6.Gibbons, Chris224258253237972
7.Richardson, Bob215257256238966
8.Barsness, Jeff279224228231962
9.Dennis, Bill225236244245950
10.Sweeney, Jeff235212278222947
11.Ruhland, Matt288214202232936
12.Richgels, Jeff222249223227921
13.Pounders, Chris237218235223913
14.Ritchie, Brent246261222181910
15.Smith, Ted248242162257909
16.Leikness, Doug226238185244893
17.Conner, Greg255196224215890
18.Hoffman, Mike191250199248888
19.McDowell, Marc197235236211879
20.Newkirk, Mark191256215214876
21.Thompson, Kevin205210235222872
22.Shaw, Dave239223191214867
23.Kick, Joey214156205287862
24.Prein, Jeff204219203227853
25.Olson, Scott210254182207853
26.Lockman, Dan202257237152848
27.Truehl, Rollie203185199255842
28.Seppa, Dan194228195224841
29.Dins, Shannon235229192184840
30.Oyan, Mark211203189232835
31.Kreitzman, Bill217194211209831
32.Frye, Bud220202244161827
33.Habich, Mark211213210188822
34.Kuehmichel, Chad156202204257819
35.Henry, Mark215233196163807
36.Pederson, Eric224176239164803
37.Mitchell, Shawn192237201168798
38.Eveland, Bob183213179223798
39.Sammel, Lauren213202234144793
40.Fosdick, Tim191195181215782
41.Erickson, Scott219203205140767
42.Midlikowski, Matt194191176190751
43.Schultz, Nick201192187167747
44.Gutkowski, Mark201133194187715
45.Scafe, Jeff182146185172685
46.Brausen, John155181164171671