The Madison USBC Bowling Association established the Sandy Stanley Memorial Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in 2017 to honor the top youth female bowler in the association.

Additional individual achievement recognitions include the Jim Grady Memorial Award for adult men, the Dan Mack Memorial Award for senior men, the Marge Pursell Award for women, the Dee Fix Memorial Award for senior women, and the Lowell Maves Memorial Award for youth males.

The Sandy Stanley Youth Bowler of the Year recognition and $500.00 scholarship is awarded to the top female bowler that excels in all aspects in the sport of bowling. Selection for the award is based on key athletic bowling achievements including: league average (including sport), honor scores, Badgerland Youth Bowler’s Tour tournaments, High School bowling, and Madison Area Youth Association Championships. Other achievements in the Wisconsin State Tournament, Pepsi Regionals, or Bowler of the Month may also be considered.

The top point earners are reviewed by the Youth Recognition subcommittee of the Awards and Recognition Committee, and are eligible for consideration to be the Sandy Stanley Bowler of the Year or a member of the All City Female Youth Team.