What do I get for my dues?

Rules and certification are the number one reason to certify.


Certification impacts every ball you throw, every lane you throw them on, every pin you knock over … and even the gutters if you didn’t happen to get any pins.

USBC ensures all bowling balls, pins, lane surfaces, oils, cleaners and more are inspected and certified, ensuring a fair and competitive game for all USBC members nationwide.

Each season, the Madison Area USBC physically inspects every lane, gutter, pin spot, pit area, and more in our member centers to ensure compliance with the standards set forth by the USBC. We take annual measurements to make sure the lanes are flat, the gutters are deep enough, that foul lights are operational, and that pins land on spot.

You can trust the playing field is consistent from year to year and from center to center.

Want to know more? Visit the USBC Lanes Certification and Inspection page.


It goes without saying that rules are important. Even the most casual competition could break down without a good set of rules.

The Madison Area USBC is your go to source for rules and certifications questions and assistance. We’ve attended special league meetings, settled disputes, and worked to find equitable resolutions to league and tournament issues.

Best of all, as a member – you get a voice in this. Your local association sends delegates to the USBC annual convention every year to vote on USBC Directors, general playing rules, tournament rules, and other legislation. Is there something in the rules you would like to see changed? All USBC members may propose legislation for consideration.

The Madison Area USBC is your resource. You are a member and have a voice. You are paying dues for that.