Bowling is meaningful, fun, and fair, and we work to keep it that way.

Currently, annual membership fees are $23.00. Your $23.00 includes membership in the USBC, the Wisconsin State Bowling Association, and the Madison Area USBC. The dues are split between the national USBC ($13.00) and the local Madison Area USBC ($10.00).

Why is it important and how is it used?

We bowl multiple times a week, every week, every other week, or maybe just sub every once in a while. No matter how often, we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t enjoy it. We enjoy socializing with friends. We enjoy the competition – whether seriously or casually. We enjoy being recognized for an achievement. Some bowlers like competing in tournaments. Others have children competing in youth leagues and tournaments – earning secondary education scholarship money. There are USBC certified coaches to help you if you want to improve. We can be confident the league substitutes have legitimate averages. We know the lanes we are competing on, the equipment we are throwing, the pins we are aiming at, the shot – all of it is standardized within guidelines set by the USBC and supported by the Madison Area USBC. We also know that our averages mean something – not just in our league, but in any league, or any tournament, anywhere.

All of this is managed, standardized, and certified by the USBC and Madison Area USBC. You are supporting that effort with your dues, and we thank you.

You are helping keep the game meaningful, fun, and fair not just for yourself – but for your fellow league members and fellow association members.