John Bisco

Organized bowling is supported by countless, often unheralded, people who sacrifice a great deal of time and energy working as coaches, league secretaries, tournament directors, and association officials. They ensure a positive bowling experience and a future for the sport of bowling. Sometimes, an individual works in every capacity possible.

John Bisco has found a way to serve bowling for decades. He has been an MBA director and treasurer for over 20 years. He was the lead coordinator for two Wisconsin State Bowling Association tournaments, the largest state tournament in the country. He has been the secretary of multiple bowling leagues for as much as 32 years. He coached youth bowlers. He directs the Dream Lanes Team Tournament. He has written computer software for leagues and tournaments.

What makes someone want to help so much? In his words, “Working behind the scenes in bowling is just as much fun as bowling itself.” It takes a very special individual to feel that way and to serve that much. And to John Bisco, the association and its members owe a lifetime of thanks for the years of dedication.

Born: October 12, 1948
Inducted: August 18, 2016

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