Class of 2015

Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly
Don Leighton
Don Leighton
Don Bussan
Don Bussan
Tom Smyth
Tom Smyth

August 13, 2015
Turner Hall, Madison

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Hall of Fame
Michael J. Kelly, Veterans
Donald R. Leighton, Veterans
Donald A. Bussan, Meritorious Service
Thomas C. Smyth, Distinguished Performance

Legion of Honor
William D. Frost
Z. Charles Reithmeyer

Association Awards
High Series, David Henes 866
High Individual Average, Casey Gibney, 241
High Composite Average, Nate Sime, 230
Jim Grady Bowler of the Year, Nate Sime
Dan Mack Senior Bowler of the Year, Herb Kimpel

Fred G. Engelke Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Ehrler