This Madison Area USBC Hall of Fame shall be dedicated to the recognition of the outstanding bowlers and dedicated servants of the Madison area who through their competitive skills, high personal standards and dedicated principles have enriched the general welfare, spirit, reputation, and progress of the sport of tenpin bowling.

HOF Nomination Form (due March 1 of the current season)
HOF Application Form (due April 1 of the current season)
HOF Legislation (revised 08/19/19)

Distinguished Performance
An individual should have established a documented record of outstanding performance in the sport of bowling. Some portions of the candidate’s record must have been established as a member of the Madison Area USBC Bowling Association*. The individual must have, at minimum, earned a scratch title in any of the events outlined in Article F of the Madison Area USBC Hall of Fame Legislation.

Meritorious Service
An individual should have, over the years, demonstrated service, devotion, ideals, contributions, and milestone achievements above and beyond the ordinary to the game of American tenpins outside the framework of competitive bowling.

*Activities and achievements in the Madison Area USBC Bowling Association will receive priority consideration. This may include those in the current Madison Area USBC and any of its predecessor associations, including Open, Men’s, Women’s, and/or Youth organizations of Madison, Southwest Wisconsin, and JeffCo.