The Madison USBC Bowling Association Hall of Fame is dedicated to the recognition of the outstanding bowlers and dedicated servants of the Madison area who through their competitive skills, high personal standards and dedicated principles have enriched the general welfare, spirit, reputation and progress of the sport of tenpin bowling.

The Hall was founded in August, 1972 with five charter members; William Blau, John Bossart, Ray Farness, Edgar ‘Pim’ Quinn, and Conrad ‘Connie’ Schwoegler.

There are currently 135 members in the Hall.

MBA Hall of Fame Constitution
Nomination Application
Current Nominees

Deadline for nominations in the current season is April 15.

Distinguished Performance
An individual should have established a documented record of outstanding performance in the sport of bowling. Some portion of the candidate’s record must have been established as a member of the Madison USBC Bowling Association. Achievements might include but are not be limited to local, state, or national tournament championships; multiple years of awards recognition in high score categories, etc. The most important criteria will be performance above and beyond the ordinary.

Meritorious Service
An individual should have demonstrated service, devotion, ideas, ideals, contributions and milestone achievements above and beyond the ordinary to the game of American tenpins outside the framework of competitive bowling. Some portion of the candidate’s service must have been established as a member of the Madison USBC Bowling Association.

Individuals, at least 55 years of age whose achievements and/or service to the sport of bowling and to the local, state, or national membership service organizations may have been diminished simply due to the passage of time or overshadowed by more contemporary performers or performances.