We always try our best on every shot. Sometimes the payoff is a new high game. Sometimes, it’s a 300. Sometimes, it’s a league game win. Sometimes, it’s a tournament win.

The USBC and the Madison Area USBC offer achievement awards for a host of accomplishments, whether it’s a 150 game Challenge Coin or induction into the USBC National Hall of Fame.

You still get a recognition award from the USBC for your first 300 or 800. Or 900.

For league awards, the Madison Area USBC has developed a local awards program so you can mark significant achievements in your bowling career. We offer Challenge Coins & Charms for game scores from 150-300, series scores from 400-800, and a number of novelty awards like the ‘30 Clean’ if you have a night with zero open frames.

We also offer a number of annual recognitions for our top male, female, senior, and youth bowlers. We have six Bowler of the Year categories, six All City teams, two Star of the Future awards, and a Hall of Fame.

Our tournaments offer championship and titlist recognitions in over 120 categories every season, followed by an annual Dinner with the Champions to celebrate. In our 100% handicapped events, we have crowned champions with averages ranging from 100 to 240.

Recognition is important to the Madison Area USBC, to bowlers, and to bowling. Your dues allows us to celebrate milestone achievements of our member bowlers.