2019 Dinner with the Champions

The Madison Area USBC is pleased to announce the annual Dinner with the Champions, an event for our tournament champions, titlists, recognition winners, scholarship winners, hosts, and sponsors. Invitations are currently being sent out.

This year the dinner will be on Sunday, October 6, 2019, at the Harley Davidson Banquet Hall on Millpond Rd. – near DeJope. Blue Plate catering will be the host.

Refreshments and a cash bar open at 4:00, with dinner to follow at 5:00. The awards presentations will begin around 6:00.

Our 2019 Honorees:

Adult/Youth QualifierDoubles ChampionCorey Hellenbrand
Adult/Youth QualifierDoubles ChampionDevin Hutter
Adult/Youth QualifierDoubles ChampionDylan Hartmann
Adult/Youth QualifierDoubles ChampionJeff Hutter
Adult/Youth QualifierDoubles ChampionKristofer Micheau
Adult/Youth QualifierDoubles ChampionTodd Poole
Masters TitlistMasters TitlistChris Pounders
Open ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D1Tayler Dunn
Open ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D2Carlos Ruef
Open ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, ScratchJim Fosdick
Open ChampionshipsAll Events TitlistJim Fosdick
Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D1Chris Smith
Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D1Dennis Grossman
Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D2Nick Cleaver
Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D2Rob Stone
Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, ScratchJeff Richgels
Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, ScratchMarc McDowell
Open ChampionshipsDoubles TitlistJeff Richgels
Open ChampionshipsDoubles TitlistMarc McDowell
Open ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D1Carey Emerson
Open ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D2Carlos Ruef
Open ChampionshipsSingles Champion, ScratchJim Fosdick
Open ChampionshipsSingles TitlistJim Fosdick
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Brittany Pollentier
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Chris Jackson
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Jeff Prein
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Kevin Thompson
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Peter Kortes
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Devan Andruss
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Gayle Seltzner
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Karine Aslakson
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Lindsey Conklin
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Mona Peirce
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, ScratchGregg Williams
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, ScratchHerb Kimpel
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, ScratchJim Fosdick
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, ScratchRick Erce
Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, ScratchTim Fosdick
Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistGregg Williams
Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistHerb Kimpel
Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistJim Fosdick
Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistRick Erce
Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistTim Fosdick
Queens ChampionLindsey Conklin
RecognitionsDan Mack Senior Bowler of the YearJim Fosdick
RecognitionsDee Fix Senior Woman Bowler of the YearChris Smith
RecognitionsJim Grady Bowler of the YearChris Pounders
RecognitionsLowell Maves Youth Bowler of the YearAustin Minor
RecognitionsMarge Pursell Bowler of the YearMary Lo
RecognitionsSandy Stanley Youth Bowler of the YearCaitlin Powers
RecognitionsHigh Average FemaleBrittany Pollentier
RecognitionsHigh Average MaleCody Roedner
RecognitionsHigh Average BoyAustin Minor
RecognitionsHigh Average GirlAllison Dempski
RecognitionsHigh Composite FemaleBrittany Pollentier
RecognitionsHigh Composite MaleBrent Ritchie
RecognitionsHigh Series BoyAustin Minor
RecognitionsHigh Series FemaleBrittany Pollentier
RecognitionsHigh Series GirlAllison Dempski
RecognitionsHigh Series MaleWillie Feltz
RecognitionsMost Improved BoyMatthew Lee
RecognitionsMost Improved FemaleKellyAnne Robert
RecognitionsMost Improved GirlSkye Farr
RecognitionsMost Improved MaleZachery Zeichert
RecognitionsStar of the FutureAustin Est
RecognitionsStar of the FutureCaitlin Powers
ScholarshipMadison Area ScholarshipAustin Est
ScholarshipMadison Area ScholarshipCaitlin Powers
Senior Open ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D1Craig Baker
Senior Open ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D2Larry Hebbe
Senior Open ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D3Chip Feltz
Senior Open ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D4Mike Massoth
Senior Open ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D5Al Speropulos
Senior Open ChampionshipsAll Events TitlistJeff Richgels
Senior Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D1Bill Borchers
Senior Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D1Dale Chlebowski
Senior Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D2Al Speropulos
Senior Open ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D2Mike Massoth
Senior Open ChampionshipsDoubles TitlistJeff Richgels
Senior Open ChampionshipsDoubles TitlistMarc McDowell
Senior Open ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D1Marjorie Barsness
Senior Open ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D2Jeff Prein
Senior Open ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D3Linda Kilgore
Senior Open ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D4Mike Massoth
Senior Open ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D5Robert Lannoye
Senior Open ChampionshipsSingles TitlistJeff Richgels
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Al Northey
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Don Snodie
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Jerry Detert
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D1Larry Hebbe
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Greg Hafenstein
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Mike Dailey
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Rick Festge
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam Champion, D2Terry Bohn
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistBob Richardson
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistJesse Parizo
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistLarry Van Natta
Senior Open ChampionshipsTeam TitlistTom Smyth
Senior MastersSenior Masters TitlistChris Gibbons
Women's ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D1Sharon Brown
Women's ChampionshipsAll Events Champion, D2Sonya Tourdot
Women's ChampionshipsAll Events TitlistMary Lo
Women's ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D1Karla Meinholz
Women's ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D1Linnea Walstead
Women's ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D2Sonya Tourdot
Women's ChampionshipsDoubles Champion, D2Ann White
Women's ChampionshipsDoubles TitlistBrittany Pollentier
Women's ChampionshipsDoubles TitlistBecky Murphy
Women's ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D1Andrea Holznagel
Women's ChampionshipsSingles Champion, D2Sonya Tourdot
Women's ChampionshipsSingles TitlistMary Lo
Women's ChampionshipsTeam ChampionJoyce Parizo
Women's ChampionshipsTeam ChampionMarjorie Barsness
Women's ChampionshipsTeam ChampionMegan Jirsa
Women's ChampionshipsTeam ChampionBrenda Smyth
Women's ChampionshipsTeam TitlistLauren Sammel
Women's ChampionshipsTeam TitlistAshley Chlebowski
Women's ChampionshipsTeam TitlistBecky James
Women's ChampionshipsTeam TitlistBrittany Pollentier
Youth ChampionshipsDoubles, A DivisionPierce Evans
Youth ChampionshipsDoubles, A DivisionJose Williams
Youth ChampionshipsDoubles, B DivisionHunter Maly
Youth ChampionshipsDoubles, B DivisionParker Maly
Youth ChampionshipsDoubles, C DivisionEsaiah Holtzapple
Youth ChampionshipsDoubles, C DivisionMakell Clendening
Youth ChampionshipsSingles, A DivisionHayden Rauls
Youth ChampionshipsSingles, B DivisionAmber Olson
Youth ChampionshipsSingles, C DivisionAustin Udelhofen
Youth ChampionshipsSingles, D DivisionMatthew Lee
Youth ChampionshipsSingles, E DivisionEric Gao
Youth ChampionshipsSingles, F DivisionAudrina McSherry
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, A DivisionSkye Farr
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, A DivisionBrianna Thurston
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, A DivisionMichael Powley
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, A DivisionCollin Krachey
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, B DivisionBrodie Marks
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, B DivisionGarrett Bartley
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, B DivisionRiley Deininger
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, B DivisionMax Katzenmeyer
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, C DivisionPreston Graves
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, C DivisionJacob Hamen
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, C DivisionParker Graves
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, C DivisionNolen Sauey
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, D DivisionEthan Stai
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, D DivisionColton Moen
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, D DivisionRaymond Collette
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, D DivisionDavid Flores
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, E DivisionChristian Collins
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, E DivisionEric Gao
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, E DivisionCasey Granger
Youth ChampionshipsTeam, E DivisionNathan Rahn
Host - OpenSchwoegler Entertainment CenterRob Bloxham
Host - SeniorLake Ripley LanesJeremy Porter
Host - WomenSpartan BowlRob Bloxham
Host - YouthTen Pin AlleyBill Pounders
SponsorRob BaileyRob Bailey
SponsorSBITom Schemm
SponsorBowl-A-VardDon Bussan
SponsorPhoenixBob Holzbauer
SponsorBudweiserCarey Emerson