Senior Open Weekend 2

There are a few new faces on top of the leaderboard at the moderate scoring Madison Area Senior Open. Just 68 out of 215 series’ thrown so far at or above average. Nonetheless, there were a few changes at the top spot in Team Division 1, Singles Division 1, Singles Division 3, All Events Division 2, and All Events Division 3.

Current Standings
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The local team of LRLOF, which I think is short for “Outfield” and not “Old Farts”, became the first team to bowl over average in Division 1, with a 22 pins over effort. The team was led by anchor bowler Larry Hebbe with a 747 set. Hebbe commands first place in Division 2 All Events at +150, the highest of any bowler in the tournament. He also made a fine run at the All Events Title lead with 2157, just 16 pins short of the spot currently held by Jeff Richgels. Hebbe fired a 759 in Doubles and a 672 in Singles. Pretty good for an outfielder.

Rick Festge fired a +41 680 series to take over the lead in Singles Division 1 on games of 249, 214, and 217. Festge is also on the Division 2 leading team Lake City All Stars.

Jerry Detert, another outfielder, strung together games of 225, 233, and 234 for a 692 set in Singles Division 3 to take the lead at +65.

Joseph “Chip” Feltz claimed the lead in All Events Division 3, sitting at 70 pins over average. Feltz was over average for every set of the tournament, with a +41 in Doubles, +27 in Singles, and +2 in Team.

The tournament continues this weekend through November 17 and 18, two shifts each day at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The Senior Masters is November 11, so there will be no regular tournament bowling on that day.