Senior Open Weekend 1

The first Madison Area USBC Senior Open got underway this past weekend at Village Lanes. 17 teams and 27 sets of doubles competed.

Current Standings

There are already more teams than last year (47), with 48 signed up to bowl. Room is still available on all but one squad through the rest of the tournament. Squad 7, Sunday, November 5 at 11:00 only has room for one doubles team – otherwise there are lanes available on any other shift.

Scores have been quite tempered, as most bowlers are struggling to carry. There aren’t any Division 1 teams over average yet. ‘2 Left Isn’t Too Right’ leads division one at -82. Eric Pederson led this team with 705, Aaron Wells had 686, Rick Erce 660, and Dave Shaw had the rest.

Bowl-A-Vard leads Division 2 at +49. Super-sub Mike Dailey led the effort at +62 with 593. Don Gmeinder shot 605, Bruce Davis 597, and Paul Fischer 582.

In Doubles Division 1, Joe Sirianni and Twoie Gallagher shot 1368 to take the early lead at +99. The score was also the highest doubles scratch scores of the weekend. Gallagher had 703 and Sirianni 665. Madison Area President / Hall of Famer Phil Dowling and his teammate Ken Smith lead Division 2 Doubles at +136. Dowling went off with a 670 scratch set to get 130 of those pins on his own.

In Singles Division 1, MBA Director Tim Reithmeyer put his name on top of the leaderboard again with a 634, +25 set. A couple of senior champions from last year lead the next two divisions. Jeff Keller shot 720 to go +90 in the 55-59 division and Tom Brabender had 666, +78 to take the lead in the 60-64 division. Jerry Schwartz rolled a 601 set and is the early leader in the 65-69 division at +55. MBA Hall of Famer Jerry Murphy tops the 70+ division with a 674 scratch set, +83 over average. Another Hall of Famer, Dave Massey, leads scratch with 732.

It’s early in All Events, but a number of bowlers did fill out their nine games on the first weekend. Reithmeyer leads Division 1 at +77. Smith is the sole over average bowler in Division 2 at +2. Jeff Hiebing was the most over average overall the first weekend, and leads Division 3 at +126. Schwarz heads Division 4 at +71, and Rod Haak tops the 70+ division at +31. The high scratch all events scores so far is Eric Pederson’s 2074.

We’d also like to congratulate Randy Johnson on an 11-in-a-row 290 opening game in his team event!