100 Hour Bowling Club

There is a new summer program again for youth bowlers in the Madison area, in conjunction with the District 4 High School Bowling Club. It is called the 100 Hour Challenge, and it kicks off at Dream Lanes on June 8 at 6:00 pm

The focus of the program is to get youth bowlers on the lanes over the summer to work on their bowling skills. The program is open to boys and girls in middle school and high school.

On June 8, there will be coaches and other bowling folks available to do assessments of all youth bowlers that show up for the program. They will assess timing issues, spare shooting, ball release, adjusting on the lanes, etc.

The following bowling centers have been generous enough to give the bowlers involved in the program free lane time for practice over the course of the summer:

  • Bowl-a-Vard
  • Dream Lanes
  • Ten Pin Alley
  • Village Lanes

If any adult would like to become involved in this program or the District 4 High School bowling program, they can contact Rick Erce or Mark Allen via email.

100 Hour Bowling Club

  1. Practice with a Purpose. Prior to practice, you need to meet with your coach and complete an assessment form. Through your assessment on the lanes, your coach will provide a specific game plan for you to work on over the summer.
  2. Hours on the Lane are more important than scoring when practicing. Scoring systems will be turned off during practice.
  3. Horseplay of any kind voids your privilege to practice.
  4. Practice is Limited to 1 or 2 100 Hour Club Bowlers per lane. No other bowlers will be allowed on the lanes during your practice time.
  5. Bowlers Bowl Free when practicing at designated practice centers.
  6. Must Bring your 100 Hour Bowling Club Coach’s Assessment and Hours Tracking Sheet to the center you want to practice at in order to be given a lane.
  7. Practice time at any participating bowling center is subject to availability.

100 Hour Bowling Club Training Schedule

Practice sessions are Thursday nights from 6:oo pm to 8:00 pm.

June 8, 2017  Dream Lanes
June 15, 2017  Dream Lanes
June 22, 2017  Bowl-A-Vard Lanes
June 29, 2017  Ten Pin Alley
July 6, 2017  Village Lanes
July 13, 2017  Dream Lanes
July 20, 2017  Bowl-A-Vard Lanes
July 27, 2017  Ten Pin Alley
August 3, 2017  Village Lanes
August 10, 2017  Dream Lanes
August 17, 2017  Dream Lanes
August 24, 2017  Dream Lanes