Leadership Applications Still Welcome

The Nominating Committee is working on their task to review, confirm and set a ballot of eligible candidates for the Board for the new USBC Bowling Association for our area. This ballot, along with any nominations from the floor will be voted on during the organizational meeting for YOUR new Bowling Association. While it is too late to be considered to be on the pre-printed ballot, interested volunteers can still complete and submit Leadership Applications. Any Leadership forms received by 24 hours preceding the May 16 Organizational Meeting will be considered eligible to be nominated from the floor for the elections. The Leadership Application also solicits volunteers to help with Association functions, not only those interested in being on the new Board.

Please support your Bowling Association by:
– Being at the meeting on Tuesday, May 16, 7:00 pm to organize the new association.
– Volunteering to help with Bowling Association operations now and throughout each season.
– Bowling in your Association tournaments.
– Attending or participating in bowling coaching clinics in our area. Let’s Grow The Sport!

Thank you
Jerry Wilson
Madison USBC B A