MWBA Hall of Famer Flo Blazek Passes

We are saddened to hear of the passing of MWBA Hall of Famer Flo Blazek, in a message from MWBA Director Char Clementi.

Flo was inducted into the MWBA Hall of Fame in the Superior Performance category in August 2001. The following is from her Hall of Fame introduction found on the MWBA website.

Flo has been a member of MWBA for 61 years and has a career high 3-game series of 666, a high game of 266 and at one time carried a 180 average.

Over the years, Flo has competed in 55 MWBA Championship Tournaments. In the 1962 Major Division, Flo’s Booth Funeral Home team won that championship with a total of 2414, and again in 1967 her team, this time the Bob White Candy Co., took top honors in Class A with a total 2889 with Flo rolling a 605. In 1970, Flo’s 615 helped the Lucky Five team to a total 2852 to take first place in
Class A.

During her many years of league play, Flo won 100 league championships and for 58 years was a team captain. She also held offices in the Schwoegler’s Cocktail League and the Business Women’s League.

Flo competed in countless WWBA Championship Tournaments and in 1971 won the All Events title with 1687. Also on the state level, she was a loyal worker during the 1974 tournament held in Madison.

As a junior bowling coach, Flo worked with young bowlers at the Arcade Lanes and also coached a traveling junior league in the 1960’s.

In January 1966, Joe Dommershausen proclaimed Flo the Season’s Brightest Star, a distinction of which she is very proud. Flo retired from bowling in 1997 and can look back on a career of many honor counts and bowling achievements during the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s. She was an inspiration to bowlers on all levels and was truly one of our brightest stars.