Eoff 2016 Jim Grady Bowler of the Year

Derek Eoff

All City Team

Jim Grady Bowler of the Year

Derek Eoff
Eoff won his third MBA Masters this season. In the City Tournament, he was third in doubles, sixth in singles, and sixth in all events. He placed 35th in State all events. Eoff made six of seven cuts on the MAST, winning three events at Prairie Lanes, Spartan Bowl, and Middleton Sport Bowl. He was second in two more at Ten Pin Alley and the Year End Championship, averaging 233 over 45 games. Eoff led the MAST earnings list. At the USBC Open Championships, he placed 34th in the team event, 25th in doubles, and 51st in All Events with 1997. In league play, he was second high average in the Bullseye Masters league with 224. He threw five perfect games and four 800 series with a high of 848. His standard league average was 242 over 39 games at Waun-A-Bowl.

Mike Hoffman
Hoffman won the State all events title this season with 2270 and placed 33rd in singles, throwing a 300 game in the process. In the city tournament, he placed fourth in doubles and 15th in all events. He won the M&J Points Race in the MAST, making six of 12 cuts. He won at Viking Lanes and was second at Spartan Bowl, ending up third on the earnings list and sixth on the average list. In league he threw a pair of 800 series, and had a 300 game in the Bullseye Masters league where he averaged 222. His high standard average was 232 at Middleton Sport Bowl.

Chris Gibbons
Gibbons was on the first place scratch team in the City Tournament, and was 22nd in all events. In the Masters he qualified 2nd and placed 3rd. He shot 2169 at the state tournament, good for 3rd place overall. Gibbons was five for nine in MAST cuts and led the tour in average with 219 over 43 games. He averaged 223 in the Bullseye Masters league. He booked three averages over 230 in standard leagues, with a high of 235 at Schwoegler E.C.

Eric Shelby
Shelby was a dual titlist in the City Tournament this year, and placed in the top 10 in every event. He won all events with a 2236 and won the team event, leading the Where’s Rory team with a 774. He placed 7th in singles and 9th in doubles. He had one 300 game this season in the 5th Quarter Scratch Doubles league at Ten Pin Alley where he averaged 229.

Brent Ritchie
Ritchie won a City Tournament doubles title this year, and placed seventh in all events. He was third on the MAST average list with 217 over 56 games and third in the M&J Points Race. He made six of eleven cuts, finishing as high as second at Rock River Lanes. In league play, he rolled a pair of 800 series and had one 300 game. He booked averages of 234, 233, and 226 in standard leagues and 211 in the Bullseye Masters.

All-City Second Team

Gail Myers
Myers placed 2nd in all events, third in doubles, and third overall in singles in the City Tournament. He was 8th placein the MBA Masters. He made four of six cuts in MAST events. At the USBC Open Championships, he was 51st in all events and 28th in team. He booked an average of 210 in the Bullseye Masters league.

Doug Leikness
Leikness won the State Tournament singles title with a 795 series, including a 300 game. He placed 24th in all events in the City Tournament. Leikness average 226 in regular league play, and 207 in the Bullseye Masters league.

Jordan Zirbel
Zirbel earned his first City Tournament title, shooting 759 in singles. He had a 300 game in the West Towne Sportsmen league at Schwoegler’s where he averaged 214.

Chris Pollentier
Pollentier won a doubles title at the City tournament this season, contributing 780 to the 1537 score. He finished 14th in all events with 2028. He finished in 10th place at the MBA Masters. Pollentier averaged 203 in the Bullseye Masters league.

Curt Crubaugh
Crubaugh has three top 10 finishes in the City Tournament, a fifth place team, 10th place doubles, and fourth place all events with 2112. In league play, he had one 300 game in the Hangover league at Ten Pin Alley where he averaged 232.

Association Manager All-City Team

Ryan Anderson
Anderson fired an 810 series at the State Tournament this year. In the City Tournament, he was 15th in all events with 2023. Anderson average 214 in the NFL league.

Matt Hamen
Hamen recorded two top tens in the City Tournament with a 5th place in singles and 8th place with 2051 in all events. He bowled one 300 game at Prairie Lanes where he averaged 215 and 214.

Jeff Barsness
Barsness was on 1st, 5th and 10th place teams in the Senior City tournament. At Senior State, he was second place in doubles and 18th in all events. He tossed one 300 game in the Senior Masters league at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes, and booked a high average of 229 in the Lions league at Middleton Sport Bowl.

Matt Krueger
Krueger placed 5th in the MBA Masters this season. He also shot a 300 game in the Dream Lanes Major league, where he averaged 234. He threw an 800 series in the Bullseye Masters league, averaging 213 there.

Rick Thomas
The 2016 MBA Hall of Fame inductee for Distinguished Performance was the single league high average bowler for the season with a 240.61 in the Lions league at Middleton Sport Bowl.

Honorable Mentions

Rick Erce
Erce was on the 2nd place team in the Senior City tournament, and placed 7th in all events. He was on the 3rd place team in the City Tournament. In the Senior Masters, he led qualifying and placed 2nd. Erce rolled a 300 game in the MBA masters, and had one 800 series this season. He booked a high average of 225.

Jim Ring
Ring was the Senior Tournament singles titlist with a 769 series, 14th in all events, and 10th in team. At the USBC Open Championships, he had a 704 series in singles to place 130th. Ring averaged 211 in the Bullseye Masters league.

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