MBA Masters

The MBA Masters will be held on Saturday, January 30, at Ten Pin Alley. Check-in at 11:30, bowling starts at 12:30. Entry fee is $50.00

This is a USBC certified tournament, open to all certified members of the USBC and the Madison USBC Bowling Association with 21 games of participation in one MBA league in the current season.

This is a change from the original site and date of February 6 at Badger Bowl.
USBC Open Championship Tournament dress code rules apply*.

This year, Masters bowlers will be competing on the Kegel Landmark Challenge Pattern Chichen Itza. There will be opportunity to practice on the pattern on Sunday, January 24, at 5:00. Ten Pin Alley reports that 10 lanes will be set up.

  • This is the premiere scratch singles tournament of the Madison USBC Bowling Association.
  • Participants bowl six games of qualifying across 12 lanes.
  • The top five will roll off in a stepladder format.
  • 1 in 3 will cash.
  • The champion will win the MBA Masters City Title and earn passes to the annual Hall of Fame and Bowler Recognition Dinner and the annual Dinner with the Champions.
  • Prize list based on 40 entries and $1,500 sponsorship.
  1. $525.00
  2. $305.00
  3. $245.00
  4. $210.00
  5. $190.00
  6. $130.00
  7. $125.00
  8. $120.00
  9. $110.00
  10. $105.00
  11. $100.00
  12. $95.00
  13. $90.00

Ties for cut positions will be broken by 9th / 10th frame roll off.
All prize money returned 100%.
Entries close January 30, 2016 at 12:30 p.m.

*All participants must wear a shirt and casual slacks, trousers or jeans. Traditional collared shirts, mock-collared shirts and collarless bowling jerseys are all permitted. Women may wear Capri pants provided the length is below the knees. Female participants can also wear skirts, culottes or skorts that extend beyond their fingers when their arms are extended down by their sides.

Examples of prohibited attire include, but are not limited to:

T-shirts,tank tops, halter tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti strap tops, shorts, sweatpants, zubas and hats. If you are wearing any of these items you will be asked to change into more appropriate attire.

All apparel must be neat, clean and in good condition.

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