Sanctioning Leagues on Time and Sending in Member Applications ASAP

By Jerry Wilson, President, Madison USBC BA

RE: The USBC requires league secretaries to send membership information to the association within 30 days of the start date of a league

Sending in league certification paperwork and individual membership applications on time is now even more important these days with the Madison USBC BA Senior Tournament and BA Championships both being held in the Fall of the year. Unfortunately many league applications came in and continue to be sent in after the 30 day USBC deadline making the job of verifying USBC membership before tournaments much harder. Verification is absolutely needed before tournament cash earnings can be sent out holding up all check mailings pending disqualifications.

League Secretaries and House League Coordinators please comply with USBC requirements and get paperwork in on time for the remainder of this year and in future years!

Bowlers in the WI State Tournament will need their USBC membership in hand for check-in. The later league and individual memberships are processed, the longer it takes to receive membership cards. You may also recall in one or more past seasons the national USBC supply of membership cards was exhausted and greater delays were encountered for those leagues processed later in the season. The later our members cards are processed the greater the chance of longer delays.