Biser Rolls First 300 Game

Dave Biser rolled his first ever 300 game in the Merchants Bowling League on Tuesday, November 3rd at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes, bowling with the Plaza Tavern team. Dave bowled with the Plaza Tavern team back in the 1980s, left league bowling only to return in 2009 and has bowled with the team since.

He returned to certified league action with his old ball, but learned as he got his game going again that he needed to buy a newer, reactive ball. After getting a new ball he took advantage of Bowl-A-Vard’s open bowling for league bowlers on Sunday mornings and after getting some suggestions from fellow bowlers started to improve his game and gain consistency.

Congratulations Dave!

Who do you know that has left certified league bowling that would benefit from returning to league action? Reach out to those team members from the past. You never know what they might say!

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