MBA Masters This Saturday

Derek Eoff
Derek Eoff

The MBA Masters is the premiere scratch singles tournament of the Madison USBC Bowling Association and will be contested this year on the 2014 USBC Open Championship Minor Events condition.

The 2015 tournament starts at 12:30 p.m. at Association Championship Tournament host, Schwoegler’s Entertainment Center. Walk-in entries are accepted up to the time of bowling. Please note the eligibility requirements:


This is a USBC certified tournament, open to all certified members of the USBC and the Madison USBC Bowling Association with 21 games of participation in one MBA league in the current season.

USBC Open Championship Tournament dress code rules apply.

The champion will win the MBA Masters City Title and earn passes to the annual Hall of Fame and Bowler Recognition Dinner and the annual Dinner with the Champions.

The entry fee is $50. Here is last year’s prize list:

1.Derek Eoff$495.00
2.Brent Ritchie$295.00
3.Mike Hoffman$240.00
4.Tony Thaden$200.00
5.Marc McDowell$180.00
6.Ron Blanchar$125.00
7.Gail Myers$120.00
8.Casey Gibney$115.00
9.Herb Kimpel$110.00
10.Chris Pollentier$105.00
11.Chris Gibbons$105.00
12.Jeff Richgels$50.00
12.Mark Newkirk$50.00


Participants bowl six games of qualifying across 12 lanes.
The top five will roll off in a stepladder format.
Ties for cut positions will be broken by 9th / 10th frame roll off.
Posted prize lists are based on 50 entries and $1,000 sponsorship.
1 in 3 will cash.
All prize money returned 100%.
Entries close at posted squad time.