Scialabba Blasts 827 in City Singles

Tony Scialabba - 827
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When Paul Hellenbrand of Waunakee shot his 787 series in Division 1 Singles, most everyone thought the 181 pin over average set would not be touched and that everyone else was playing for second.

Most everyone.

This past weekend, Tony Scialabba of the Riviera Men’s Classic league in Sauk City strung together games of 290, 279, and 258 for an 827 set – 188 pins over average. He also had 742 in his doubles event, and 594 in team for a 2163 all events total which leads Division 1 (2316 with handicap), and is fifth high scratch for the tournament.

John Burr
John Burr
John Burr maintained his +177 lead in Singles Division 2. Doug Breunig, also of Sauk City, fired a 705 scratch series and +168 to move into second place. Mark Newkirk made a run at the Scratch Singles Division lead with a 779 set, just four shy of division leader Derek Eoff.

Matt Maly and Chad Novy
Matt Maly and Chad Novy
New leaders emerged in both handicapped Doubles divisions. In Division 1, Matt Maly and Chad Novy combined for a 170 pin over average 1442 set. Novy fired a 730, and Maly 711. Their handicapped total of 1550 was three pins better than the effort made just the previous day by Dan Prust and Fred Schulze who shot 1400 scratch for a 1547 set, 167 over average.

Nick Cleaver and Rob Stone
Nick Cleaver and Rob Stone
In Division 2 Doubles, Nick Cleaver and Rob Stone took over the lead with a 231 pin over average effort on the strength of Cleaver’s 781 series. Cleaver’s 2021 All Events total was 293 pins over average, and a gallant run at the 323 pins over average Division 2 All Events leader Joe Johnson. Stone was at or over average each of his games as well. The duo needed every pin to hold off Darin Johnson and Susan Hepler (+201), who were the Division 1 Doubles Champions at Schwoegler’s in the 2010-2011 tournament.

Herb Kimpel - 803
Herb Kimpel – 803
The team event leaders remained unchanged after the third weekend, though a number of teams took top spots in the standings. Badger Pro Shop 99 (Tim Herrington, Ben Kojo, Joe Ryan, Nate Smith, Don Dudley) are in second place in Division 1 following a +263 over average series, led by Ryan’s 720 set. The high average on the team is 222, and the lowest series shot was a 674 – so an excellent team effort. Their companion team, Badger Pro Shop 98 is in fifth. Herb Kimpel fired the second of three super-national honor counts with an 803 in the Team Event, propelling the Dream Lanes Team Tournament 2 team into third place in Division 1 Team. Kimpel rolled games of 279, 234, and 290.

The Division 2 Team Leaders, Merchants 3, got a scare from the Plaza Tavern team of MBA President Jerry Wilson, David Biser, Jason Schmitt, Bob Bintzler, and Mike Huss. They came up just a few pins short at +231 and are currently in second place. The Scratch Team Division lead is still 3544, held by 4 Scratch 1 Handicap of Middleton Sport Bowl.

Joe Braatz fired the first (and only) perfect game of the tournament with a 300 out of the gates in his team event. Braatz finished with 773 and a 2214 All Events total that is the highest of the tournament so far. Braatz was initially credited with 775, but called the bowling office to report a score keeping error which lowered his AE count from 2216 to 2214. The totals will be corrected in the next online update.