Lane’s Addiction Takes 2nd Round in Lake City

The team Lane’s Addiction took the second round in the 5 man hdcp Lake City league Tuesday night at Bowl-A-Vard.  The team consists of Josh Friant, Mike Thaden, Ricky Thaden, Dakota Wiltrout and Tony Thaden.  Way to go guys!!!

The third and final round starts next week.  FORE Golf Custom Clubs won the first round.

High over average for the night were Jake Thiede +156, Jeff Hendricks +92 and Don Bussan +84.

Lake City MBA City squad consisting of 8 teams of our 5 man 10 team league will be bowling this Saturday.  Good luck to all Lake City league bowlers at City!

High individual scores in Lake City 01/14/15:
Tony Thaden 692, Don Bussan 690, Scott Schrimpf 680, Heath Coenen 670, Dakota Wiltrout 662, Rick Festge 656, Carey Emerson 645, Ross Grossman 642, Greg Hafenstein 636, Terr Bohn 634, Terry Teasdale 632, Jeff Hendricks 623, Jon Whitcomb 621, Ricky Thaden 618, Jeff Mautz 613, Nick Adams 612, Brent Hemstead 611,