Rory Holland Rolls a 300 Game with a Guru!

Rory Holland 300!

Rory Holland threw a perfect game in the first game of a 775 series Tuesday morning at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes in the U Play U Pay league.  Rory is a Radical staffer and used a Radical Guru with a pin down layout under his bridge 85*x5″x70* left in OOB surface 500/1500.  It was Rory’s 23rd 300 in his bowling career!

High individual scores for the U Play U Pay league on Tues. 01/06/15:
Rory Holland 775, (300-213-262), Bruce Davis 689, Dave Massey 677, Don Wolf 663,  Bill Leidich 648, Rollie Truehl 633, Ron Beattie 622, Denny Walker 614 and Kevin Hatch 603.

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