Dave Massey Rolls a 300 in Senior Masters

Lake Ripley Lanes Team of Dave Massey, Dan Lockman and Dave Rasmussen

Dave Massey rolled a perfect game in the last game of a 747 series.  I believe Dave told me it was his 19th 300 in his illustrious bowling career.  Dave used a new pin up Storm Crux.

The above pic includes the Lake Ripley Lanes team who won the 1st half of the league.  Co-proprietors of Lake Ripley Lanes Mike Porter and Jeremy Porter plus past president of Sr. Masters Mark Oyan stopped by to see their team on Tuesday night.

The second half started in the Senior Masters league at Bowl-A-Vard Tuesday night with the Bowl-A-Vard Bar team taking the early lead going 14-1.  Updated Coors Light Senior Masters League Standings.  Thanks Colleen!

Don’t forget to get your entry black into the MBA office for The MBA City Tourney that starts Jan 3rd.

High individual Senior Masters scores for Tues. 12/23/14:
John Hjortland 750, Dave Massey 747-300, Steve VandeZande 724, Dave Rasmussen 722, Dennis Grossman 717, Mark Recknagel 712, Bill Borchers 705, Dan Lockman 701, Jim Sullivan 699, Steve Parkinson 691,  Bill Kreitzman 680, Don Bussan 673, Rob Bailey 670, Al Sundby 670, Cliff Klassy 669, Roger Dushack 654, Scott Starks 650, Dale Chlebowski 641, Jeff Mautz 641, Don Leighton 630, Bill Leidich 625, Terry Walker 624, Pat Dushack 622, Bob Tarrant 620, Rick Nelson 618, Richard Guth 614, Dan Dickens 613, Rick Festge 610, Jeff Barsness 609 and Jon Whitcomb 607,


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