Brian Wratney Adds $100 to Lake City

Last Wednesday night 11-26-14 at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes we had turkey night where each league has one of their bowlers represent the league and add prize money depending on how many pins are knocked down with a frozen turkey. Brian Wratney of Lake City’s Medina Sod team got a strike with his turkey and added $100 to the prize fund. Nice turkey bowling Brian and thanks from ALL of us!!!

Lane’s Addiction remains in the league standings lead in the second round.

High bowlers over their average for the week were Jason Williams +103, Mike Dailey +100 and Don “Sgt. at Arms” Washington +98.

High individual scores in Lake City 11-26-14:
Jon Whitcomb 672, Dave Shaw 671, Jason Williams 670, Heath Coenen 666, Carey Emerson 655, Greg Hafenstein 647, Scott Starks 647, Dale Jarrett 644, Mike Dailey 643, Ricky Thaden 635, Don Leighton 626, Dan Herfel 624, Tony Thaden 623, Don Bussan 616, Kenny Tiedt 605 and Dakota Wiltrout 603,

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