Tony Thaden and Jeff Mautz Lead Lake City

Jeff "Beef" Mautz and Tony Thaden

Tony Thaden was high in Lake City with a 731 +101 pins over his average and Jeff Mautz was hot for the second night in a row at Bowl-A-Vard with a 715 +112 pins over his average.

FORE Golf Custom Clubs vaulted back into the league lead in this round with a 38-2 night.  Cosgrove Construction is in 2nd and Team Hustler is in 3rd.    Lake City League Standings

In this first round of all bowlers who have bowled all 5 weeks and have 15 games in Greg Hafenstein leads the league with 75% of his points won.

Terry Teasdale Lake City sec.-treas. has proposed the 1st Fun Night for all league bowlers to wear any sports related or sports memorabilia shirts (Packer/Badger jerseys, old softball/baseball shirts, etc.)  in two weeks Wed. Oct. 15th.  Don your favorite sports shirt to league that night.  Terry will have a memo on that for all teams next week.  Lake City had Retro-Bowling shirt night last year and again will have that for a Fun Night later in the year.  2013-2014 Lake City Retro-Bowling Shirt Night.

10/01/14 Wed. night Lake City High Scores:
Tony Thaden 731-279, Jeff Mautz 715, Dennis Grossman 696, Rick Festge 676, Carey Emerson 671, Matt Wynoff 669, Scott Schrimpf 636, Scott Starks 631, Dakota Wiltrout 627, Todd Wagner 625, Butch Kluth 615 +66, Ricky Thaden 614, Mike Dailey 613, Bob Karis 609, Greg Hafenstein 608 and Heath Coenen 601.

By Scott Starks Lake City League Reporter