City Tournament Still a Tough Row

Stop-N-Go Convenience Centers
Stop-N-Go Convenience Centers

The USBC White 2 condition continues to vex many city tournament bowlers as it plays much more difficult than in past years. Only four of the 72 Division 1 and Division 2 teams that have bowled so far have been able to muster ‘average’. Of course, ‘averages’ are earned on increasingly forgiving house (USBC Red) conditions and are basically an ability benchmark for handicapping purposes. The current scores to cash are mostly negative across all events; team, doubles, singles, all events, and bonus events. Current standings are here.

To date, there have been six honor counts rolled.  2012 MBA Hall of Famer Eric Pederson rolled an 807 set in his Doubles event. Heath Haug pitched an 802 in his Team event. 300 games have been bowled by Jerod Kieler, Rick Thomas, MBA Director Bob Eveland, and 2008 MBA Hall of Famer Jeff Richgels. A listing of high scores is available here

The tournament has attracted 98 paid team entries so far. There are two more penciled in, and an additional two that could reschedule from the canceled squad.  The annual goal of 100 teams will likely be met this year. Additionally, there are 172 sets of minor events bowlers signed up. In any case, this year will mark the seventh consecutive year of participation growth for the tournament!

There are four squads remaining, and entries are accepted through the Wednesday prior to the weekend.  Squad dates and times available are:

  • Saturday, January 25, 11:00 (added squad)
  • Sunday, January 26, 11:00
  • Sunday, January 26, 3:00
  • Sunday, February 2, 11:00 (added squad)




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