Captain’s Drawing Winners

Ebonite Challenge

All team captains in the 2012-13 MBA Championship Tournament received a free ticket for a end of tournament drawing.  This year, the MBA will give away three Ebonite Challenge bowling balls.  We will also give away two Columbia double ball totes.

The winners of Ebonite Challenge bowling balls are:

1. Entry 15, Kevin Freymiller

2. Entry 17, Don Washington

3. Entry 26, Dave Eaton

Columbia Tote
Columbia Tote

The winners of the Columbia double totes are:

1. Entry 3, Brian Wilk

2. Entry 40, Del Thompson

Ball winners will receive a claim letter in the mail with instruction to pick up their ball at Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop.  Totes will be delivered to the winners on their league night.

Congratulations to the drawing winners and thank you for entering the MBA City Tournament!

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