City Tournament Unofficial Final Results

Reverse Joe Bowler - Herb Kimpel
Reverse Joe Bowler - Herb Kimpel

Unofficial final results with prize listings are posted, pending average and eligibility verification.  Congratulations to all the scratch titlists and division champions!

Herb Kimpel threw the last shot of Squad 14 to be “Reverse Joe Bowler”, concluding another successful MBA Championship Tournament.

Unofficial Final Standings
Budweiser League Challenge Standings
Ebonite Challenge Winners

This season, the tournament had two fewer teams (91) than last year’s event at Prairie Lanes (93), but participation in minor events was higher – resulting in greater overall participation. The totals nearly matched the levels of two years ago at Schwoegler Entertainment Center. There were also 91 teams that year, but seven more sets of minor events entrants.

The modified USBC White 2 condition this year played very well for a city tournament and getting to the pocket was not particularly difficult, though figuring out how to carry was a huge challenge for most. Transition during the team event was another challenge as the lanes changed quickly over the three games, depending on how teams attacked them. Minor events transition was less of an issue, until switching lanes from doubles to singles. The USBC White (and Blue, and Sport) condition is subject to greater change since there isn’t the traditional “wall” of oil between the second arrows.

Overall, the condition rightly penalized most errant shots and kept the scoring pace down. Bowlers had to consistently throw good shots – particularly with speed control – in order to have a chance to carry and score well.

The scores to cash were certainly manageable for those who were able to adjust their game to meet the demands of this condition. Naturally, the games of some bowlers “match up” well with the condition. This will be true of any tournament. This is one reason the MBA will continue to utilize different patterns in an effort to challenge the varied abilities and styles of our competitors.

Next year, the MBA Championships will be held at Badger Bowl.  The USBC White 1 or USBC White 3 pattern will be considered for the 2013-14 tournament. At Prairie last year, it was USBC White 2.  Two years ago at Schwoegler’s, it was USBC White 1.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the tournament this year. We hope to see you back at Badger Bowl for the 2013-14 MBA Championship Tournament. As always, we are trying to increase participation so please encourage your fellow league bowlers to compete. This tournament is a service of the MBA for our members and we strive to provide a fun, challenging, and rewarding bowling tournament for our membership to enjoy.

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