Senior City Tournament Grows Again

On the Spot Detailing
On the Spot Detailing

The Senior City tournament attracted 34 teams last season (2011-12), up from 25 the previous season (2010-11).

As of today, there are 36 teams scheduled to bowl this year, though the 60 minor event entries are just a shade behind last season’s total of 62 entries.

Entries are accepted through the Wednesday prior the weekend you wish to bowl, so there is still time to get a spot.

Squads are filling, though – two squads are completely full and two others are very limited:

  • Squad 3, November 4, 11:30 a.m. – Room for 1 team
  • Squad 5, November 10, 11:30 a.m. – Room for 2 sets minors
  • Squad 7, November 11, 11:30 a.m. – FULL
  • Squad 8, November 11, 2:30 p.m. – FULL

Senior Masters

The MBA Senior Masters entries are trickling in.  There are 12 paid in advance.  The prepaid entry fee is $45.00, $50.00 for Parizo and everyone else paying the day of the tournament.

The staff at Viking Lanes is testing different condition options, one of which is the 2011 USBC Open Championships condition – which could be entertaining on the wood at Viking!



  1. That condition would only be for the Senior Masters.

    The Senior City tournament will be on house shots for now, in deference to a number of Super-Senior participants.

    We tried a USBC White Condition on wood and it “played” very dry. Some of the Super-Seniors don’t quite have the ball speed necessary to manage this condition. If we use a more voluminous White condition, they are apt to get too much hang.

    While there were no real complaints, per se … in fact, one Super Senior remarked, “this is the way it ought to be”. His reasoning, though he couldn’t keep the ball right of the head pin all day (without it rolling out and missing right) was that it “keeps those hot shots scores down”.

    The trouble was, it didn’t – really. So he, and others like him, suffered while the Parizo’s, Smith’s, Rasmussen’s, and others still scored.

    You’ll appreciate this more in 20-25 years!

  2. I appreciate it NOW LOL! If I was the czar of bowling, no patterns under 40 feet would be allowed!

    I’m going to have fun on Saturday … whatever is out there is fine!

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