2012-13 Senior City Tournament

On the Spot Detailing Team
On the Spot Detailing Team

Download: 2012-2013 Senior City Tournament Entry

The 2012 Senior City Tournament will be held this year at Viking Lanes in Stoughton on weekends November 3, 4 and 11, 12. There will be two shifts each day at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Each shift is open for Team or Minor Events. Fresh oil will be applied for each squad.

This tournament is open to all MBA members ages 50 and older as of November 3.

There are five divisions of competition in Singles and All Events:

  • Division 1 – Bowlers ages 50-54
  • Division 2 – Bowlers ages 55-59
  • Division 3 – Bowlers ages 60-64
  • Division 4 – Bowlers ages 65-69
  • Division 5 – Bowlers ages 70+

The cost for each event remains the same at $17.00. Optional all events is available for $5.00. Optional scratch events are also available for $5.00 each.

All division tournament champions and scratch titlists earn an invitation to the annual Dinner with the Champions, held in October of each year to kick off the new tournament season.

New This Year: Entering Averages

This year, all bowlers will use their 2011-12 COMPOSITE average to determine handicap. This average will be entered and verified by the tournament director. The averages will appear on the tournament confirmation received by the team captain.

You can find YOUR composite average on Bowl.com, by using the “Find a Member” feature on the home page. A composite average is the “average of your averages”. determined by dividing the total pinfall from ALL leagues by the total number of games you bowled. The average includes all standard (non-Sport) USBC averages from any league – and includes data from leagues with less than 21 games. For those who only participated in one league, that will serve as your composite average. If you subbed in other leagues, but had less than 21 games in those leagues, those scores will be factored in and could raise or lower your average.

The composite average method is a fairer way of determining a bowler’s ability. Bowlers are no longer penalized for participating in a league where their average may be falsely inflated due to very easy lane conditions. Additionally, bowlers can no longer “hide” higher averages by quitting a league prior to establishing a 21 game average.


  1. Bill,
    By doing this we are taking away the “penalty” for bowling on easy shots and also, therefore, encouraging it. Bowlers need to talk to management about changing their oiling patterns, and this will negate the incentive to do so. I still think the highest average is the best one to use. Also, how do you factor in “sport” shot averages with this? I do like the fact that they cannot “hide” less than 21 games. Handicap is kind of a joke. Makes me not want to bowl, but I understand it for the masses. Until lanes are checked on a “surprise” basis and the USBC decides it needs more than 3 units, our sport is no longer.

    • Thanks Rob.

      To address a couple of your points:

      • Sport Averages do not factor into composite and are considered separately.
      • If we can grow the Senior Tournament, we can add a scratch division – the same way there is a scratch division in the City Tournament.

      Regarding incentive, I actually believe the reverse is true in this case. I don’t think bowlers will be any more motivated to bowl on house shots than they were before, certainly not because of this rule change. Then again, I don’t think they will be (or should be) discouraged either – at least right now under our current under-managed system of lane conditions (they being either Sport or not Sport).

      Right now nearly all leagues are already on house shots, so I see very little in the way of “penalty” the way you describe. It may seem that way to you, since you may not bowl on any high scoring conditions. But most do.

      My view is that bowlers are currently being penalized for bowling on more challenging conditions just because they may also happen to be bowling another league. I don’t want to discourage any bowling, and I also don’t want serious bowlers imposing tougher conditions on recreational league bowlers who don’t want them. It’s would also be hard to propose they NOT to bowl with their partner in a couples league or friends in a rec league.

      Any serious bowler (or any bowler who would consider themselves “good”) should receive some benefit for participating in leagues with more challenging lane conditions – something that this rule change is intended to directly provide.

      This could even create some motivation for bowlers to request more challenging conditions for their more competitive leagues – as a way to offset their recreational league average – at least for our tournaments.

      Is this the simple solution? No.

      But, I believe what we are doing is a small push in a positive direction – a direction that recognizes and promotes the sporting side of our sport over the recreational side in our association tournaments.

      Is it the forever rule? Nope.

      Ultimately, I want to have a system where there are defined and managed levels of bowling, i.e. Red / White / Blue / Sport. A bowler can have an average in any or all of them and would use their average from a condition equal to or less than the tournament condition.

      It’s a long way to that dream, and I think it can only be realized by demand. We are trying to encourage this demand.

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