2012-13 Awards Updates

2012-13 USBC Achievement Awards

With the 2012-13 season officially starting today, and a number of league meetings on the horizon (some have taken place already), the USBC and MBA have new awards news for league secretaries and managers.

The magnets are now obsolete. This is likely good news to most bowlers. There is still a good supply of magnets in the bowling office. If you didn’t get yours, or if it was lost or … stolen … we will be happy to replace it for you.

The new USBC Special Achievement awards are keychains (they have been referred to as bag tags, which they could be used for). The requirements to earn these new awards have not changed from the previous season.

With the new awards, the MBA is dropping the requirement that bowlers fill out award forms in order to acquire Special Achievement awards.

The Special Achievement procedure for this season:

If you are using a computer secretary program, print out a weekly LIST of the bowlers who have earned an award. Check with your bowlers to make sure they want their award. Submit the list each week to the MBA.

The previous policy was put in place following a rash of reports that the magnet awards were being thrown away and sometimes outright refused. We also wanted to add some local awards to the program, but found that businesses wanted their promotions to be available to all bowlers who won an award.

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