Mike Hoffman defeated Jacob Thomas 228-224 to win the MAST Schwoegler’s Pro Shop Year-End Championship Sunday. Hoffman was the runaway leader in Saturday’s qualifying round, and fended off charges from fellow lefties Thomas and Dal Geitz during Sunday’s round-robin match play to claim the top seed in the stepladder finals. The title was Hoffman’s second year-end title and 18th overall. Thomas’ match play round included a pair of 300 games […]

Mike Hoffman was the runaway leader on Day One of the MAST Schwoegler’s Pro Shop Year-End Championship Saturday. Hoffman totaled an astounding 2119 through eight games of qualifying, averaging just short of 265 and outpacing the field by nearly 200 pins. 35 bowlers competed on host Spartan Bowl’s house pattern. The qualifying cut to Sunday’s match play was 1818, an 11th-place tie between Chris Gibbons and Chris Pounders with the […]

Chris Gibbons defeated Chris Pounders 254-223 to win the Survivor finals at the MAST event at Rock River Lanes in Fort Atkinson Sunday. Gibbons qualified 12th at 867, then averaged over 250 over four rounds of survivor play en route to the win, his sixth career MAST title. Gibbons earned $645 for the victory, with Pounders taking home $357 for second. The other survivor-round payouts were $228 for 3rd-4th, $173 […]

Jeff Johnson and Evan Johnson defeated Joe Munro and Chris McDonald 448-408 to win the MAST doubles event at Middleton Sport Bowl on Saturday. The father-son duo qualified 7th at 1874, and averaged over 231 in their three matches en route to the victory, the first MAST title for both. Johnson & Johnson earned $998 for the win, with Munro and McDonald taking home $536 for second. The other payouts […]

Jacob Thomas defeated Joe Johnson 212-171 to win the MAST event at Viking Lanes in Stoughton Saturday. Thomas qualified 5th at 954, and followed that up with 1036 over four matches en route to the victory. The title is Thomas’ second in a row, following last month’s win at the doubles event at Schwoegler’s. 37 bowlers competed on Viking’s house shot. Jeff Prein finished qualifying with a 275 game to […]

Jacob Thomas and Danny Verdecchia defeated David Labinski and Chad Maas 483-404 to win the survivor finals at the MAST Doubles event at Schwoegler’s Entertainment Center in Madison Sunday. Thomas and Verdecchia were the eighth & final qualifiers at 1663, but averaged a combined 238 in the three rounds of survivor play en route to the win. This was Thomas’ first career MAST title and Verdecchia’s second. The duo earned […]

Defending champion Chris Pierson defeated Cody Ramsden 202-186 to win the MAST event at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes in Madison Saturday. Pierson led qualifying at 956, and averaged over 231 in three matches en route to the win. His title defense was the third in MAST’s seven events this season, joining Kyle Anderson’s win at Village Lanes and Jeff Prein’s victory at Dream Lanes earlier this year. Pierson earned $459 for the […]

Daniel Chapman outlasted Chris Gibbons 238-232 to win the Survivor finals of the MAST event at Leisure Lanes in Monroe Sunday. The victory was Chapman’s first career MAST title, and he earned $453 for the win. Chapman was one of 12 Leisure house bowlers among the 40 participants who braved Sunday’s winter weather to compete on Leisure’s house shot. He qualified 3rd at 984 (246 average), and maintained that pace […]

Andy Bunkoske and Tim Janz teamed up to win the MAST split doubles event at Lake Ripley Lanes in Cambridge Saturday, defeating Cody Ramsden and Brent Ritchie 499-411 in the title match. Bunkoske & Janz survived a close battle for the 8th & final qualifying spot at 1759, before combining to average over 242 in match play en route to the win. The victory marks Bunkoske’s first career MAST title […]

Jonathan Schalow defeated Chris Pierson 256-226 to win the MAST event at Prairie Lanes Saturday. Schalow finished his 905 qualifying set with games of 237 and 255 to climb from 23rd to 9th, then advanced through match play with wins over Shaun Taliaferro 214-180, Ken Duffield 240-213, and Dave Beres 206-204. The victory was Schalow’s fourth career MAST title. Schalow received $452 for the win, with Pierson taking home $250 […]